Fall Protection Equipment: Lifelines

DBI SALA Lad-Saf® Rope Grab and Lifeline Assemblies

    Provides hands-free operation and maximum freedom with a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel, static wire rope grab that automatically follows the wearer during suspended platform work applications. In case of a fall, the assembly will reduce the arresting forces on a worker by utilizing a cam lever and a friction-sensitive brake to lock the rope grab onto the lifeline, even if the operator holds the device open in a panic situation. Rope grab can be detached or removed anywhere along the lifeline through patented wedging action grip and lock system.

    Assembly includes an attachment ring that allows for connection to the lanyard and fits 3/ 8 -in (0.95 cm) diameter 7 x 19 galvanized or stainless-steel cable. Lifelines are a blend of 5/ 8 -in (1.6 cm) polyester/propylene blend and are available with a single self-locking snap hook at one or both ends. Counterweights (order separately) help keep the lifeline taut and optimize performance of rope grab.

    Meets or exceeds OSHA, ANSI and other applicable industry standards.

Cat. No. DescriptionRentalPurchase Price  
DBI5000338 Static Wire Rope Grab     Please contact your Total Safety sales rep or call 1-888-328-6825. Add to Quote Cart
DBI5000335 Rope Grab (For Use as Ropelines)     Add to Quote Cart
DBI5002042 3-ft (0.9 m) Shock-Absorbing Lanyard with Carabiner     Add to Quote Cart
DBI1202794 50-ft (15.2 m) Lifeline with Single Hook YES Add to Quote Cart
DBI1202844 100-ft (30.5 m) Lifeline with Single Hook     Add to Quote Cart
DBI1202790 50-ft (15.2 m) Lifeline with Hook at Both Ends YES Add to Quote Cart
DBI1202842 100-ft (30.5 m) Lifeline with Hook at Both Ends YES Add to Quote Cart
DBI1203000 50-ft (15.2 m) Lifeline with Taped Ends and Counterweight Kit     Add to Quote Cart