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Total Safety Launches Online Ordering Platform for eDistribution. Learn More

Total Safety Launches Online Ordering Platform for eDistribution. Learn More

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Total Safety Launches SafeTek Technology Solutions To Help Keep Workers Safe Worldwide

Total Safety announced today the global launch of their new SafeTek worker safety technology solutions that will improve the protection of workers worldwide. SafeTek is a continuation of Total Safety’s commitment to delivering industry-leading worker safety solutions that incorporate new and emerging connected, data-enabled technologies, equipment, and services.

Ensuring The Safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide

 At Total Safety, providing a safe environment for workers worldwide is the company’s highest priority. In fact, it’s their mission. When it comes to hazardous conditions, no matter what industry or location, Total Safety is the company to count on to keep workers safe.

The Future of Worker Safety

“We are creating the future of worker safety with our advanced SafeTek technology,” said George Ristevski, Total Safety Chief Executive Officer. “As we look forward, we will lead the next generation of safety technology. We will continue to innovate our safety solutions and expand our global reach. We envision a future where technology can assist all workers in hazardous and life-critical situations to bring them home safely. Our SafeTek solutions will be at the forefront of worker safety technology and will help set the gold standard for connected safety innovations.”

Revolutionary Safety Technology

SafeTek solutions empower work sites with the technologies and equipment to keep workers protected and connected 24/7. Industry leading safety monitoring software, wearable technologies, connected area monitoring, personal gas detection, and communications systems report critical safety-related data in real-time, helping save lives and streamlining costs. Total Safety SafeTek solutions include:

SafeTek SmartMonitor – Real-time integrated Centralized Confined Space Monitoring (CCSM) technology maximizes worker safety in confined spaces, monitoring work atmosphere, activities, and employee identification remotely from a central control room.

SafeTek Guard – From personal gas detection to lone worker location monitoring and fall recognition, wearable GPS-enabled devices with innovative technology monitor, alert, and provide immediate and real- time assistance to protect workers during critical situations.

SafeTek WorkZone – Advanced connected atmospheric monitoring, mobile-connected smart inspections, alerts, and asset distribution and tracking safeguard job sites and ensure work site safety and compliance with OSHA regulations.

SafeTek Communications – SafeTek’s 2-way radios, networks, and real-time connected communication systems provide a direct link with workers to a centralized control room for immediate assistance and responsive incident resolution.

SafeTek eDistribution – Cutting-edge technology makes it easy to order, monitor, and distribute PPE and tooling. Total Safety’s suite of eProcurement solutions combines technology and advanced reporting to ensure you have supplies in stock for workforce safety.

SafeTek Hub360 – This multifunctional platform monitors worksites in real-time, displaying critical safety and performance data, incident reporting, gas exposure mapping, predictive analytics, and worker efficiency reports.


Total Safety’s innovative solutions and team of experts keep workers and worksites safe and in compliance with regulatory requirements. The company manages local, state, federal, and industrial compliance standards to ensure that businesses are OSHA compliant.

Making the Complex, Simple

Implementing permanent onsite digitization programs and/or temporary connected technology deployments for projects can be daunting, Total Safety has the data-enabled technology, equipment, people, and expertise to connect your workers to increase productivity and keep them safe. With Total Safety, you’re not just buying a product or service, you’re getting a safety focused, connected solutions technology partner who is reliable, professional, knowledgeable, and committed to protecting your business.

About Total Safety

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Total Safety is a leading provider of global integrated industrial safety services, strategies, and equipment. With nearly 4,000 employees and over 180 locations worldwide, they help customers increase employee safety, meet compliance, boost productivity, and reduce downtime. Total Safety is driven by an unwavering commitment to their mission …to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide®.  See more.

Join Us

 Total Safety works with some of the world’s largest companies, currently protecting 50 million workers worldwide in industries such as refining, aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, and more. Join us on a mission to protect 200 million workers by 2025. To get started, call to speak with one of our safety expert technicians. Also, learn about SafeTek and how Total Safety solutions can help safeguard your workforce.

When Safety Matters, We’re Ready

 With advanced technology, over 250,000+ supplies and PPE, and a suite of comprehensive safety solutions, Total Safety has you covered – providing immediate service when you need it most. Total Safety delivers complete, cost-effective safety service solutions as promised and without compromise, with the resources and the support to back it up.