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Category Archives: Medical Management

Staying hydrated on the work site

July 29, 2015

Heat-related illnesses are a serious hazard on industrial work sites, especially those that are outdoors during summer months.

Preventing heat-related illnesses in the workplace

During times of intense heat, workers can be at serious risk of illness, over-exhaustion and potentially even death.

Emergency response protocols just as important as workplace safety

July 27, 2015

Though work sites have been made safer through stricter standards and advanced personal protection equipment, some cases of workplace injury are unavoidable.

5 Tips to Enhance Hand Safety in the Workplace During Winter

February 11, 2015

With the potential for extreme temperature changes outdoors, industrial workers need to be prepared to dress for protection against the elements during winter. Since the cold weather increases the possibility of hand injuries, employers should plan to protect workers' hands from winter-related safety problems.  Here are five tips to improve hand safety for the winter:

3 Steps to Improve Fire Prevention and Safety at Industrial Worksites

At industrial worksites, employees may be exposed to flammable or explosive materials. This exposure risk could result in burns or other fire-related injuries that may endanger worker well-being. To prepare for fire emergencies, employers should educate their employees on medical treatment and prevention for burns. Train workers to assess burns Recognizing and treating burns is