We’re helping companies to adapt and change with managed COVID-19 worker safety solutions.

We’re helping companies to adapt and change with managed COVID-19 worker safety solutions.

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Western Refining’s El Paso Refinery Receives Total Safety’s ‘Safety Innovation’ Award

Houston, TX—Western Refining’s El Paso Refinery is the recipient of Total Safety’s “Safety Innovation” Award for its approach to improving safety within the workplace. Western Refining Inc. (NYSE: WNR) is an independent oil refiner and marketer, headquartered in El Paso, Texas, operating mostly in the southwestern and western United States.

Total Safety, the world’s leading integrated industrial safety services company, awards its Safety Innovation Award to companies that make incredible and cutting-edge advancements in areas of safety. David Johnson, sales manager of professional and technical services, Total Safety, nominated Western Refining for the award.

“Western Refining’s innovative approach to safety is apparent through its use of pilot projects designed to increase worker safety. In this industry, ‘change’ can be difficult to implement, especially when it comes to safety policies and procedures, but Western Refining actively seeks out ways to improve its safety culture,” explains Mr. Johnson.

Total Safety’s Centralized Confined Space Monitoring System (CCSMS), a new technology designed to improve safety within permit-required confined spaces, has been implemented as a pilot project for a number of refineries to increase worker safety. Total Safety’s exclusively-licensed and patented CCSMS utilizes a central control center that continuously identifies workers within permit-required confined spaces; maintains visual contact and a clear line of two-way communication with workers inside and outside the permit space; monitors the atmosphere of the permit space for toxic or dangerous gases; and sounds appropriate alarms if an incident occurs.

Watch our Centralized Confined Space Monitoring System video on our website at TotalSafety.com/CCSMS


About Total Safety

Total Safety, a Warburg Pincus portfolio company, is the world’s premier provider of integrated safety and compliance services and the products necessary to support them, including gas detection, respiratory protection, safety training, fire protection, compliance and inspection, industrial hygiene, onsite emergency medical treatment/paramedics, communications systems, engineered systems design, and materials management. It operates from 142 locations in 20 countries to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3).

Total Safety has been selected as one of “America’s Safest Companies” for 2012 by EHS Today, in addition to receiving the “Best in Class” award from the Houston Business Roundtable, multiple AFPM Awards, and a host of industry and customer safety accolades.


For additional information, contact:

Stenning Schueppert

Senior Vice President – Strategy, Marketing & Corporate Development, Total Safety




Finding Safety Solutions that Work for the Midstream Industry

Total Safety provides a suite of safety services and equipment that can be mixed and matched to provide a customized solution for midstream projects that will improve worker safety, decrease project time and lower costs.With the growing energy demand, midstream infrastructure is under great pressure to be delivered on time and within budget. Such pressure allows for the temptation of shortcuts to be taken or inadequate processes to be implemented in order to meet that demand.

Having processes and controls in place specifically tailored for midstream operations, as opposed to relying on those used for upstream, will streamline projects and reduce costs overall.

Specialized Safety Personnel

Having a team of personnel experienced in midstream operations aids greatly in creating an environment of safety because the team is aware of what safety precautions should and need to be taken, and they will know how to respond in case of an injury or emergency.

Total Safety assigns safety consultants, field safety crews, medics and specialized safety staff to midstream projects, long- or short-term, with the goal of maintaining high standards of safety. With Total Safety’s Specialized Safety Personnel (SPP), the billing rates are more competitive than “craftsman” billing rates, and the number of multiple contractor employees is reduced by having a centralized pool of trained safety personnel that can be dispatched and assigned to all areas of the project, reducing the total man-hour costs of the project.

Fire Protection Engineering, Design and Installation

Fire monitoring and suppression systems are an integral part of any safety program, specifically in midstream operations, as the infrastructure is typically in a remote location, a good distance from any type of outside aide. Therefore, these systems are imperative to the safety of life, assets and the environment.

Total Safety specializes in fire protection services that include providing audits and design/engineering of water spray and foam systems, fire pumps, fire detection and alarm design packages for process units, and design and installation of fire protection systems, as well as the inspection testing and maintenance of those systems.

Industrial Hygiene

Potential occupational hazards may include exposures to acetone and alkylates, to benzene, butadiene, hydrogen sulfide and kerosene, depending on your operations. Exposures may be encountered during pipeline activities and by tanker, rail car, ship and barge operations.

A Work Place Exposure Assessment (WEA) is at the heart of any successful industrial hygiene program.  Total Safety’s comprehensive WEAs take a fresh look at tasks, materials, exposure potential and controls through a systematic approach and associated process. It results in a clearly prioritized list of actions that help ensure the well being of workers. Along with reducing incidents, benefits include reduced liability, increased productivity and safety awareness, and conformance with regulations and industry standards.


Pipeline operators constantly monitor pipelines for up-to-date measurements and leak detection and stay in touch with maintenance personnel spread over wide-areas. Operators monitoring storage tanks situated at the end of a pipeline, as well as in refineries and chemical plants, must be able to communicate around-the-clock with key personnel.

Total Safety’s communications solutions are designed to increase safety by providing immediate communication in emergency situations and maximizing productivity by allowing workers to communicate quickly.

Our top-of-the-line communications equipment, available for rent or purchase, is ideal for remote locations. Our fleet includes everything from two-way radios to mobile Internet hotspots and is backed by in-house certified technicians who maintain and upgrade the equipment.

Safety Equipment, For Rent or Purchase

Essential to any industrial operation, safety equipment is designed to protect workers and the environment; however, from personal protective equipment (PPE) to high-tech gas monitors, safety equipment only works when it is being used properly, in compliance with the manufacturer and other regulating bodies’ guidelines.

Total Safety offers a complete line of industrial safety equipment for rent or purchase. In fact, they house the world’s largest rental fleet of equipment manufactured by leaders in the industry. In addition, Total Safety employs in-house certified technicians to repair and maintain Total Safety or customer-owned equipment.

Emergency Response

What if the unthinkable were to happen, and a leak were to occur in the pipeline? A proactive plan should be in place that addresses the necessary steps and procurement channels that should be in place to streamline recovery and get the systems back online.

With quick response time, seasoned personnel and an integrated menu of support services, Total Safety aids companies when disaster strikes. Their start-to-finish solutions are designed to deliver on the high number of customer requests and respond to the customer’s needs by providing two-way radios, fall protection, fire extinguishers, gas detection instruments, as well as the calibration and bump testing of the monitors, respiratory equipment, fit-testing, PPE resale and management, and, most importantly, safety training.

There are many aspects of a midstream project that need to work together to make the project not only successful, but safe. To overcome undesirable project outcomes, ensure that key materials, labor and contractor capabilities are planned for and that the right processes and internal control support are delivered.

Are You Ready for Narrowbanding?

The FCC will require narrowbanding for all industrial land mobile communications systems.On January 1, 2013, all public safety and business industrial land mobile radio systems operating in the VHF 150-170 MHz and UHF 431-512 MHz spectrum bands will be required to operate at 12.5 kHz or meet a 12.5 kHz efficiency standard. Those who do not comply will be in violation of the FCC and subject to admonishment, monetary fines or loss of license. For more information

Total Safety and its Communications Division, H2WR, are currently scheduling complimentary FCC Narrowbanding Assessments.

During our assessment, we will help your organization:

  • Identify radios that are capable of operating in 12.5 kHz and what equipment, if any, will need to be replaced
  • Determine potential system design opportunities and challenges, as coverage may diminish after analog narrowbanding
  • Develop operational and budget-friendly plans to replace non 12.5 kHz capable equipment
  • Establish a conversion and implementation schedule
  • Coordinate conversion with neighboring agencies to facilitate continued interoperability, if needed
  • Conduct tests during conversion to ensure continuous system coverage

Call us today to schedule your assessment at 713.681.2525 or email narrowbanding@h2wr.com.

Total Safety – The Best Minds in the Business!

The HazCom World is Changing

By John Baker, CIH, Industrial Hygiene Support Services Manager, Total Safety

Back in 1983, the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29CFR1910.1200, was born. This important worker right-to-know standard was well founded on a three legged stool: (1) labels on containers, (2) accurate and complete Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and (3) training of employees.

In that year, most personal computers still used the MS-DOS operating system and didn’t have a mouse; the last episode of M*A*S*H was aired, and President Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union the “Evil Empire,” while we were still in the throes of the Cold War. We were on the threshold of major changes in our international relationships as a suicide bomber destroyed the US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon killing 63 people.

Since then, the world has continued to change as a result of “globalization.” We are exporting products to and importing products from countries, which may use hazard classifications that differ from ours. These differing classifications could impede trade and the accurate communication of safe practices to employees, customers and the general public. For example, a liquid with a flash point of 120º F would have been considered “Flammable” in Germany, but OSHA would consider it “Combustible.”

Under the leadership of the U.S. Department of State, OSHA, along with EPA, CPSC, FDA and DOT, are considering whether our approach to informing and protecting workers and the public should conform to the Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (the GHS) established by the United Nations in 2003 with the current 3rd edition released in 2009. Regarding employee safety and health, OSHA published a proposed rule in 2009 to implement the GHS, with public hearings to be held this year. For transportation purposes, DOT has already revised the Hazardous Material Regulations to harmonize classification of toxic materials and flammable liquids with UN Model Regulations. Regardless of whether the rest of the U.S. government formally adopts the GHS, we, in industry, must become knowledgeable about the system because most of our important trading partners, including Canada, Mexico, the UK and the other members of the European Union, China, Japan, Korea and Australia, have committed to aligning their hazard communication requirements with the GHS.

So what will change under GHS?

For one thing, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will be known as “Safety Data Sheets (SDS),” and they must adhere to a 16 section format similar to ANSI Z400.1 developed through the leadership of the American Chemistry Council. But under GHS, Section 2 will be “Hazard identification” and Section 3 will give “Composition/information on ingredients” instead of the other way around.

Also Section 2 must list the GHS hazard class and category, such as Flammable Liquid, category 1, and specific label elements including “signal words,” e.g., “Danger” or “Warning;” standardized hazard statements and code, such as “H224, Extremely Flammable Liquid and Vapor,” standardized precautionary statements and codes, such as “P210, Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces – No smoking” and new graphic symbols called “pictograms.” For example, the three pictograms below indicate that the material may pose various types of toxicity. The proper pictogram to use will depend on the GHS hazard class and category.

For the latest in occupational health and safety, go Total Safety.

At this time, it is expected that after the public hearings this year, and a post-hearing comment period, OSHA will draft and adopt a final rule in 2011, with a transition period for adoption through 2014. There is a wealth of information at the OSHA web site, which should be checked regularly to keep posted on changes.

Total Safety Acquires Houston 2-Way Radio

March 12, 2010

Total Safety, the global leader of integrated industrial safety services and equipment, brought Houston 2-Way Radio (“H2WR”) into the growing Total Safety family.  H2WR is a leading supplier of quality radio communications products and services in the greater Houston area.  This acquisition allows Total Safety to further expand and enhance our existing communications line of business throughout North America.

H2WR’s customer base currently encompasses a variety of industries including those like healthcare where we only have a limited presence and local and federal government agencies.  Their extensive communications service offerings will also strategically provide a greater capacity to support our existing clients.

Founded in 1990, H2WR currently employs over 32 employees involved in the sales, service and rental of radio communications products.  H2WR is an Authorized Motorola 2-Way Radio Dealer, Authorized Motorola Federal Agent, Authorized Motorola State and Local Government Manufacturer’s Representative and Authorized Motorola Service Shop (MSS).  Motorola is the major supplier of equipment, parts and support, but H2WR is also staffed and trained to repair other major brands.

For more information on how Total Safety can equip your company with two-way radios and other communication devices and services, give us a call at 888.44.TOTAL.

Total Safety – The Best Minds in the Business!

Total Safety Releases All New 2009 – 2010 Products & Services Catalog

Houston – July 27, 2009

Total Safety, the global leader of integrated industrial safety services and equipment, announces the release of its new products and services catalog. This nearly 200-page, full-color catalog showcases thousands of safety products, equipment and safety services gathered from around the globe.

State-of-the-Art Safety Equipment

“The goal of this publication was not only to feature top brand products and services, but to provide a comprehensive guide for all the latest in cutting-edge safety services and equipment. Total Safety’s catalog represents the world’s best safety products all in one centralized place to make our customers’ jobs easier and to keep them safer,” said Charles Ripoll, Total Safety Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

Each of the seven main sections features products and services that are for rent and/or direct purchase. The seven sections include:

“While the catalog is very in-depth with an extensive listing of products and services, the catalog is easy to read which makes ordering very simple. As an added feature, we included industry resource guides to help customers make educated decisions about the appropriate safety equipment they’ll need for their particular requirements,” said Paul Tyree, Total Safety Vice President U.S. Operations.

Catalogs can be ordered by calling 888-448-6825 or online at www.totalsafety.com.

Online Catalog

Scheduled to debut in September, Total Safety is launching an e-commerce version of the catalog where products and services will also be available online for purchase or rent.

“We understand that different customers want different options when it comes to ordering their safety products and services. Our e-commerce catalog will feature all the services our customers expect in a way that’s perhaps more convenient for them,” said Ripoll.

Find out more about how Total Safety can provide your company with a complete line of industrial safety services & equipment by calling us at 888.44.TOTAL.

Total Safety – The Best Minds in the Business!

Total Safety Welcomes Wholesale Radio Rental, Inc. to the Family

HOUSTON– January 5, 2009

Total Safety U.S., Inc. has acquired the assets of Wholesale Radio Rental, Inc. as of January 5, 2009. Wholesale Radio Rental, Inc. provides portable communication devices for use in the petroleum, oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

“We are very pleased about the management team and skilled employees of Wholesale Radio Rental joining Total Safety. The addition of Wholesale’s team and assets allows us to expand on an existing service line and more strategically and effectively provide safety and communication solutions to industry,” said David E. Fanta, President and CEO, Total Safety.

For over 15 years, Wholesale Radio Rental has provided intrinsically safe, portable communication systems to a wide variety of industries concentrating primarily in the energy sector. Applications include maintenance shutdowns, turnaround services and unit start-ups. Wholesale Radio Rental has four locations – Houston, TX, Sulphur, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, and Benicia, CA.

“Total Safety is the perfect partner for us,” said Jimmy Foret, owner, Wholesale Radio Rental. “Their commitment to safety and customer service is something we wholeheartedly believe in, and being part of such a dynamic team is something we look forward to. This will be a benefit to our customers and employees.”

Learn more about how Total Safety can provide your company with industrial communication service solutions by calling 888.44.TOTAL.

Total Safety – The Best Minds in the Business!

Total Safety Acquires Sola Safety and Controls Division from Sola Communications, LLC

July 24, 2006

Total Safety U.S., Inc. has acquired the assets of the Sola Safety and Controls Division from Sola Communications, LLC. Sola Communications, LLC, which is owned by an affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, will remain an independent company focusing on communications services.

We are equally excited about the talented and motivated employees that are joining Total Safety through this merger. Headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, Sola Safety and Controls was founded in 1994 and has been providing quality safety services to the upstream sector in the Gulf of Mexico The primary services offered are sales, service, installation, and maintenance of H2S detection and respiratory systems, fire suppression and detection systems, and aids to navigation. In addition to the office in Lafayette, Sola has service centers in Mobile, Alabama and Larose, Louisiana.

The combination of these two well respected companies and their management and employee teams will continue to allow us to meet the expectations of our customers and further provide our enhanced safety service solutions. Our number one goal is to make this change as smooth as possible and to continue to execute our mission, “to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide”.

Learn more about how Total Safety can provide your company with industrial communication services & equipment by calling us at 888.44.TOTAL.

Total Safety – The Best Minds in the Business!