We’re helping companies to adapt and change with managed COVID-19 worker safety solutions.

We’re helping companies to adapt and change with managed COVID-19 worker safety solutions.

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Meet Z-Safety Services: Safety Services and Equipment for Europe

Z-Safety Services is Total Safety’s European division that provides the same great industrial safety services and equipment of which Total Safety is known.

Let us know how we can help keep your workers safe worldwide by contacting us at +1.888.32.TOTAL (86825) or at mail@totalsafety.com.

The video is available in 4 languages. To view the video in another language, visit Z-SafetyServices.org.


Best Practices in Cultural Due Diligence

by Billy Fink, Axial Market

Stenning Schueppert is Senior Vice President, Strategy, Marketing & Corporate Development for Total Safety, industrial safety services and equipment company.Despite being intangible and undefinable, culture can be one of the primary determinants of a deal’s success. While vetting cultural pain points and planning for possible differences can lead to a smooth integration, neglecting cultural issues can lead to massive turnovers, employee dissatisfaction, and a subtractive deal.

For Total Safety, a leading integrated industrial safety services provider and Axial Member, cultural due diligence is one of the basic prerequisites for any deal. “If we cannot provide good evidence of cultural alignment, the rest of the business doesn’t matter: you would risk buying some assets but losing the people to run the business for you,” explained Stenning Schueppert, Total Safety’s SVP of Strategy, Marketing & Corporate Development.

However, conducting proper cultural due diligence is particularly difficult. “One of the biggest challenges in cultural diligence is the issue of confidentiality,” explained Schueppert. “While culture permeates the entire organization, you cannot simply go to the shop floor prior to closing and ask all employees frankly what they think of the company and what they think of Total Safety.” The inability to question employees makes defining the amorphous element of culture even more difficult.

To overcome this uncertainty, Schueppert offered some strategies to help identify the culture of an organization and to determine their alignment with your business identity.

Understand the Turnover Rates

According to Schueppert, turnover rates and trends can be one of the best ways to measure the strength of a company culture. He explained, “It is necessary to ask the company about its turnover rate, where its employees move to, the last key employee to leave, etc. If there is a noticeable turnover trend — all employees leaving for the same company or 50% of management team leaving to start a competitor, as examples — that should offer unique insight into culture and the businesses.”

To gain deeper insight into reasons behind departures, ask to review relevant exit interviews (if conducted). If common themes emerge — like unsatisfactory pay, unsatisfactory conditions, or bad managers — make sure they are not critical to your post-acquisition plan.

While major departures may signal a red flag, no turnover can be just as alarming. “If a significant number of employees have held the same position for too long, they may fear change and be resistant to acquisition,” explained Schueppert.

Review Internal Documents

While turnover rates can identify the strength of a culture, the internal documents can shed light on some of the core values and principles of the organization . “You should ask to see any employee newsletter, intranet, or social enterprise network,” says Schueppert. “These channels and materials are probably the closest you’ll get to actually speaking with employees about culture. You can see how employees interact with one another, how they participate in company activities, etc.”

Internal documents also offer insight into the thinking of senior management. While you can question them about culture, internal documents can provide evidence of previous actions and discussions. Schueppert explained, “You should ask senior leadership for the budget and minutes from old staff meetings, management retreats, or board meetings. These also offer great insight how they think about the company and about the culture.”

Validate the Culture with External Sources

To supplant your understanding of the company’s culture and identity, it is equally important to corroborate with external sources. Unfortunately, licentious business practices have a tendency to escape any formal documentation, and are only revealed when consulting with a third party.

Schueppert explained, “Before moving too far along in a deal, I ask my guys in the field if they know about the business and for their impressions. If several independent sources offer you the same impression — either positive or negative — chances are it is accurate.” This external validation recently saved Total Safety from engaging in serious conversations with a seemingly attractive company. As it turns out, the target’s core customers were significantly different, and misaligned, with Total Safety’s culture.

If you do not have any immediate sources, there are a variety of other channels to corroborate the culture. “Your customers are a great resource of information if your field contacts do not have any information,” explained Schueppert. “While they might not have as detailed knowledge, they can offer a worthwhile gauge.” If you feel uncomfortable polling your customers then ex-employees, market advisors, or industry peers also make as great sources of information.

In the case of a new market, or no consultable confidants, patience is vital. “You should date before you marry,” commented Schueppert. “We recently did a deal in Europe, which was a new market for us. We were able to get comfortable moving forward with the deal because we had known the CEO for five years and we had engaged in numerous discussions around partnership.” While Total Safety had little external substantiation for the culture of the European company, Schueppert confirmed, “From the length and strength of our relationship, multiple site visits, and the nature of the conversations, we knew our cultures would match.”

Learn from the Owner Operator

Ultimately, the best person from which to learn company culture is the existing owner operator. “No one will know the company culture better than the current owner-operator,” says Schueppert. After all, most small companies have a top-down culture defined by the founder and senior management.

It is possible you may learn more about culture from the current CEO by asking why he is selling rather than directly about the culture. According to Schueppert, “Truly understanding why the owner-operator is selling may give you a good indication of business: If he cannot give a good reason for selling, he is probably fed up of managing a difficult business and simply wants to monetize his investment. It may be difficult because of market factors, but it also may be difficult because of a dysfunctional organization.”

These information sources and mediums can offer the greatest insight into the qualities of a company’s culture. Once the culture is understood, the feasibility of the deal can be assessed and appropriate cultural integration practices can be implemented.

This article on cultural due diligence is the second installment of Axial’s six-part series on the Best Practices in Due Diligence. The first installment discussed the importance of tax due diligence. Future articles will discuss legal, operational, and other due diligences.

Total Safety Opens Carrizo Springs Safety Equipment Store to Serve Customers in Western Eagle Ford

Total Safety opens an industrial safety equipment store in Carrizo Springs, Texas, to service customers in the Eagle Ford.Total Safety, the world’s leading integrated safety services company, has opened the doors to another safety equipment store in Carrizo Springs, Texas. The Carrizo Springs store serves customers in the Western Eagle Ford area and is currently open for business with an official grand opening celebration set for September 28, 2012.

With store locations adjacent to its offices in Midland, Texas, Hobbs, New Mexico, and Dickinson, North Dakota, Total Safety sets up shop to welcome local clientele in remote locations for their safety equipment needs.

Supplying more inventory and at better prices than the local competition, each Total Safety store houses high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE), gas monitors, breathing apparatus and more from top suppliers that its customers know and trust. Special orders can be placed in the store. “We opened these stores in response to customer feedback and needs.

“There is great demand for workers in these areas; it makes perfect sense to protect those valuable experts with the safety products they need on a daily basis,” explains Mike Lewis, Total Safety regional manager.

Since the stores are built adjacent to a Total Safety office, customers will still have access to the company’s complete line of safety services, including compliance and inspections services, professional and technical safety services, specialized safety personnel, and communications and monitoring services.

Total Safety’s Carrizo Springs store is located at 3479 Highway 277, Carrizo Springs, Texas, and is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m-5:00 p.m.

Total Safety Leads Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Discussion with China’s Sinopec Group

Total Safety recently hosted executives from Sinopec Group, one of the largest Chinese state-owned petroleum and petrochemical enterprise group, at its La Porte, Texas, facility to lead a discussion on hydrogen sulfide (H2S) safety.Total Safety recently hosted executives from Sinopec Group, one of the largest Chinese state-owned petroleum and petrochemical enterprise group, at its La Porte, Texas, facility to lead a discussion on hydrogen sulfide (H2S) safety. The meeting was part of an initiative of the Houston Mayor’s Office of International Trade & Development.

Sinopec executives were visiting Houston to meet with upstream energy leaders and, as part of that trip, requested to meet with a health, safety and environmental (HSE) services company with expertise in (i) risk identification, risk assessment and risk control, (ii) emergency preplanning and contingency planning, and (iii) the development of gas fields with high hydrogen sulfide content.

“With our worldwide capabilities and expertise concerning hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Total Safety welcomed the opportunity to share our experience and expertise around risk identification, assessment and control,” said Jude Taylor, regional general manager for Total Safety. “The safety of workers worldwide is paramount and the discussion focused on how to build on its efforts of continued improvement in this area of operations.”

During the facility tour, Sinopec executives witnessed first-hand Total Safety’s safety culture and how it educates its customers on the importance of safety in the workplace. They also learned about Total Safety and its entire suite of industrial safety services and equipment.

Total Safety Acquires Z-Safety Services, Increasing Offerings and Footprint in Europe

Total Safety, an industrial safety services company, acquired Z-Safety Services, based in Belgium.December 21, 2011 – Total Safety, the leading global provider of integrated industrial safety services and compliance solutions, today announced that it has acquired Z-Safety Services, the European leader in mission-critical safety services and equipment to the downstream energy and petrochemical markets based in Dilsen, Belgium. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Both Total Safety and Z-Safety Services have deep roots in the industry and are well known for providing best-in-class air, gas, fire and safety management services to clients. With over a decade of commitment to customer service, Z-Safety Services has established itself as a leader in providing critical safety services to the chemical, petrochemical, industrial and power markets in the Benelux region through their qualified pool of technicians, equipment fleet and distribution partners.

With this combination, Total Safety dramatically expands its European footprint and its ability to serve the safety needs of its global client partners. It also enables Total Safety to extend its reach to Z-Safety Services’ world-class customer base and further enhance service offerings to these customers through the introduction of additional safety services, such as industrial hygiene, fire safety, emergency medical treatment/paramedics and communications services.

“We are excited to partner with the innovative and talented team at Z-Safety Services,” said David E. Fanta, chief executive officer of Total Safety. “The leadership team has a commitment to safety and excellence that mirrors our own, and their family of over 500 qualified personnel is a great complement to our international family. We are looking forward to extending our additional capabilities in industrial hygiene, communications and medical services to their current customers, many of which we serve elsewhere. We are proud to have an expanded global presence through this partnership with the premier safety services provider in continental Europe.”

“Our customers have asked us to increase our service offerings in Europe for sometime. The Z-Safety Services combination enables us to enhance our offerings in the market in a meaningful and expedited way. We believe the added mix of expertise and geographic reach will provide our customers even more value and satisfaction, and we believe looking forward to attracting new customer with our breadth of quality safety services and equipment,” noted Paul Tyree, chief operating officer of Total Safety.

Matty Zadnikar, president of Z-Safety Services, noted, “We are enthusiastic to bring our clients additional capabilities now that we are part of the Total Safety family. We know this transaction will be advantageous for our clients and our dedicated employees.” Mr. Zadnikar, who will invest and serve on the board of the merged European entity, will continue to manage the business with his team across Europe and maintain the high standards of customer service and innovation that has made Z-Safety Services the leader in their market today.

About Total Safety

Houston, Texas, based Total Safety, a Warburg Pincus portfolio company, is the world’s leading outsourced provider of integrated industrial safety services and compliance solutions and the products necessary to support them. As the world’s leading provider of industrial safety solutions, Total Safety provides services and products to support on-site safety, turnaround safety, gas detection, respiratory protection, rescue, safety training, fire protection, safety compliance and inspection, industrial hygiene, on-site emergency medical treatment/paramedics, communications, custom-engineered systems design and materials management. It operates from more than 133 location in 18 countries to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3). For more information about Total Safety, please visit Total Safety.com.

About Z-Safety Services

Z-Safety Services provides safety solutions, turnaround safety, gas detection, respiratory protection, materials management and on-site support to customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom from 28 locations.



Total Safety


Dennis Turnipseed, Chief Financial Officer

Stenning Schueppert, Vice President – Strategy & Corporate Development

Total Safety Opens New Location in Australia

Total Safety is proud to announce the opening of our Sale, Victoria, location, managed by Marty Tesselaar.  This new office is yet another concrete illustration of our commitment to meet our customers’ demands for local service and on-site expertise. As with all Total Safety locations worldwide, the office will leverage Total Safety’s vast network of best-in-class safety processes and the industry’s deepest network of safety professionals.

Office location information:

Sale, Victoria
2 Invictus Court
Sale, Victoria 3850
Phone:  61 351 444131
Fax: 61 351 444132
District Manager: Marty Tesselaar

Total Safety is the world’s leading provider of integrated safety strategies and the products necessary to support them. With more than 100 offices worldwide from Australia to the Americas, we stand committed “to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3).”

To learn more about Total Safety and the industrial safety services & equipment that they can provide to your company, call 888.44.TOTAL.

H2WR, A Total Safety Company, Has Relocated

H2WR offers two-way radio sales, rental and repair, as well as many other communications solutions and services.H2WR, A Total Safety Company (formerly Houston 2-Way Radio) is now at a new sales, rental and service office location:

4100 N. Sam Houston Parkway W., Suite 290 Houston, TX 77086

Business: 713.681.2525
Fax: 713.681.5940

H2WR offers two-way radio sales, rental and repair, as well as many other communications solutions and services. H2WR offers solutions for rugged computing, handheld scanning and data capture devices, area-wide private digital radio service, plant and municipal emergency notification systems, communications system design and consultation, and much more.

As always, look to our experts at H2WR for exceptional service, proven techniques and superior equipment that meet your needs.

ICU, a Total Safety Company, Has Relocated

ICU, Total Safety's Environment, Health and Safety Services Company, has relocated in Houston, Texas.ICU, A Total Safety Company will now offer environmental, health and safety services from a new location:

4100 N. Sam Houston Parkway W., Suite 290 Houston, TX 77086

Business: 281.363.9939
Fax: 281.363.4744

ICU’s professional experience and expertise provides customers with the resources necessary to complete  EHS projects successfully, within budget and on time, while reducing risk and liability. Continue to look to our experts for Occupational Health Services, Safety Services, Technical Training Services, Environmental Services and more, just from a new, centralized location.

Total Safety Sulphur, Louisiana Office Awarded OSHA’s VPP Star Status

Total Safety's Suplphur, Louisiana location is awarded OSHA VPP Star StatusNot only does Total Safety promote a culture of safety to their clients, we strive for safety excellence within our own company. As a result, Total Safety is proud to announce that our Sulphur location has received OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star status. Total Safety would not have been able to achieve this level of excellence without the commitment of our employees and the leadership of management.

We would like to recognize the outstanding efforts of our employees who have achieved exemplary occupational safety and health in accordance with OSHA’s VPP and within our own mission to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3).

About OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

The VPP recognizes employers and workers in the private industry and federal agencies who have implemented effective safety and health management systems and maintain injury and illness rates below national Bureau of Labor Statistics averages for their respective industries. In VPP, management, labor and OSHA work cooperatively and proactively to prevent fatalities, injuries and illnesses through a system focused on:

  • Hazard prevention and control
  • Worksite analysis
  • Training
  • Management commitment and worker involvement

To participate, employers must submit an application to OSHA and undergo a rigorous onsite evaluation by a team of safety and health professionals. Union support is required for applicants represented by a bargaining unit. VPP participants are re-evaluated every three to five years to remain in the programs. VPP participants are exempt from OSHA programmed inspections while they maintain their VPP status.

To learn more about OSHA’s VPP, please visit their website at: