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Total Safety Wins Oil & Gas Awards Consultancy of the Year Award

Oil & Gas Award

Total Safety was proud to accept the Consultancy of the Year award during the 3rd Annual Rocky Mountain Oil & Gas Awards held in Denver on Tuesday, March 10. The company was selected from a strong field of contenders by a prestigious panel of judges representing some of the top companies in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Other companies claiming the top Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Awards can be found on the website.

Total Safety is a finalist in two more Oil and Gas Awards regional awards events — the Gulf Coast and the Northeast.  Texas Railroad
Commissioner Ryan Sitton will open the Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Awards in Houston on Thursday, March 19, at the Hyatt Regency.  President & Executive Director Lou D’Amico of the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association (PIOGA) will open the event in the Northeast on Wednesday, March 25, at the Westin Convention Center in Pittsburgh.

Total Safety Granted FAA Exemption for Commercial Use of Drones in Flare Inspections

HOUSTON (Feb. 5, 2015) — Total Safety U.S. Inc. today announced the company has been granted regulatory exemption for commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) — small drones – for operations involving the inspection of flare stacks. This makes Total Safety the only company approved to perform flare inspections on land using Unmanned Aircraft Systems and one of just 24 companies throughout the United States granted exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) drone restrictions for specific commercial use.

Flare maintenance is critical work that often requires expensive downtime from our customers but it is work that needs to be done routinely to ensure the safety of employees and facilities including plants, refineries, pipelines, tank batteries, drilling rigs, production rigs, and in many manufacturing environments. Typically, when regular inspection and maintenance are conducted on a flare, that unit or system must be taken offline or a temporary flare must be used to bypass it. This could mean hours or days with reduced or no production.

Dangerous Inspection Work

Flares can be several hundred feet tall and have discharge temperatures in excess of 2000F. In some cases it is not possible to shut the flare down to perform the inspection. When this situation occurs, there are risky options such as climbing a nearby structure or using a sky lift for a better view of the flare but this is dangerous work. Some may even choose to climb the flare while it is in operation. “Total Safety does not recommend the latter approach as it is extremely dangerous,” said General Manager of Total Safety Flare Services Lawrence Crynes of San Antonio.

A third alternative for inspecting active flares comes with a high price tag. It is using a helicopter for aerial inspection.

“Typically chemical plants and refineries are no fly zones so making these visual inspections is only possible from a distance,” Crynes said. “But distance and other factors can compromise the effectiveness of an inspection and they are sometimes impossible to do because of weather, trees, wires, fencing and other restrictions.”

Finding a Safer, More Efficient and More Accurate Solution

Drone technology enables Total Safety to easily move around and above the flare to examine it while it is in operation.

“Our goal is to check the mechanical integrity of the flare and visible components to help determine the need for repair or replacement,” Crynes said.

“Mechanical integrity has an impact on the safety of employees, the facility and the community,” he added. “Plus, a flare that is not performing properly, may also produce emissions that are outside regulatory requirements.”

Total Safety’s drone technology is a two-person operation and much less expensive than the other methods which often require three or more employees to perform the inspection. The company uses one technician to pilot the drone and another technician who wears special goggles that allow that him or her to see what the camera sees and take close-up, high-resolution photos and video for further study.

“This method is faster than other methods and provides an instant record of the inspection,” said Total Safety Downstream District Manager Chris Barton. “Set up for aerial inspection using a Total Safety drone is quick and easy, too.”

Drone technology improves safety, reduces liability, increases accuracy, and saves time and money for our customers while allowing them to continue work as usual during the inspection process. Drone technology is just one way Total Safety is improving compliance and safety technologies that contribute to this important performance equation.

About Total Safety

Total Safety®, a Warburg Pincus portfolio company, is the world’s premier provider of integrated safety and compliance services and the products necessary to support them, including gas detection, respiratory protection, safety training, fire protection, compliance and inspection, comprehensive flare services, industrial hygiene, onsite emergency medical treatment/paramedics, communications systems, engineered systems design, and materials management. It operates from 150 locations in 21 countries to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3). For more information about Total Safety and its unwavering commitment to safety, visit

Click here to send an email request for more information about our UAS-assisted inspection capabilities.


Cindy Landers · o. 713.353.7167 · c. 832.544.2894 ·

Total Safety enjoys an afternoon of bowling for a good cause

Every year, Junior Achievement hosts a bowl-a-thon to raise funds for its mission: helping prepare young people for the real world by showing them how to generate wealth and effectively manage it, how to create jobs which make their communities more robust, and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace. Students put these lessons into action and learn the value of contributing to their communities

Each player was asked to raise $200 for Junior Achievement. Total Safety assisted toward that goal by donating $25 to each player and $25 to each team captain. Together, Total Safety raised $10,430 for Junior Achievement. Way to go!

Total Safety’s Houston area locations had a total of eleven teams participating in a fun-filled evening of bowling and whacky contests. Trophies were awarded for 1st-3rd place teams with highest scores and the best team costume. Prizes were awarded for the dance, karaoke and push-up contests. Everyone had their fill of pizza and fresh cookies.

  • 1st place trophy was awarded to the Bipolar Rollers:  team captain Sherri McNeill, Cesar Acosta, Michael Brasher, Heather Cornwell, Kacey Donaldson, Steve Self and Paul Ward
  • 2nd place trophy went to Steve Long’s team:  team captain Steve Long, Joshua Barnhill, Jamaal Landry, Jason Mulcare, Amanda Owen, and Pamela Owen
  • 3rd place trophy went to Tammy Cossey’s team:  team captain Tammy Cossey, Kristin Feril, Jon Mahan, David Watts and Mike Cossey
  • Best costume was awarded to the Spider Strikes:  team captain Shelby Denison, Lynn Aven, Joanna Calzada, Jennie Gutierrez, John Helms and Jennika Simmons


Total Safety wins the 2013 Oil & Gas Awards: Consultancy of the Year for the Gulf Coast










Total Safety Gulf Coast was named Consultancy of the Year by the Oil and Gas Awards – Gulf Coast. The Consultancy of the Year Award recognizes third party business consultancy services provided to E&P or midstream companies within the Gulf Coast region. Eligible service providers included commodity value forecasting, M&A advice, strategy, tax planning and corporate compliance consultancies operating directly with oil and gas clients in the Gulf Coast region.

Entries needed to present relevance to the operations and corporate strategy of the Gulf Coast’s leading E&P and midstream firms, demonstrable expertise in their given field, successes including details and examples of collaborative achievements and measurable value to the client, and outstanding corporate citizenship including details of corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Motorola Recognizes Robert Jones of Total Safety’s H2WR for “Heavy Hitter” Status

Eileen Clary, Motorola Solutions and Robert Jones, H2WR

Motorola Solutions recently recognized Robert Jones, account manager, into the 2013 Heavy Hitter Club. 

In 2013, Motorola Solutions developed a recognition program for partner sales representatives who achieve a certain sales volume. On Jan. 29, Eileen Clary, channel account manager for Motorola Solutions, presented Robert with a “Heavy Hitter” Bat inscribed with his name for display, and thanked Robert for his diligence in selling the Motorola product line.


Robert joined H2WR in September 2011. Let’s all congratulate him on his achievement.

Total Safety Celebrates Safety Day 2014

Krysta's Karing Angels displays cars involved in drunk driving incidents
Krysta’s Karing Angels displays cars involved in drunk driving incidents

Dear Total Safety Employees and Friends,

Total Safety employees around the world came together at their local offices on Jan. 18 to celebrate Safety Day.  In fact, about 3,000 Total Safety employees assembled in 10 different countries within a 24-hour time period, in a very well-orchestrated and global event.  From Dubai to North Dakota, South Africa to Australia more than 50 Total Safety locations held meetings covering a variety of safety topics.  I will take you though some of my observations at the events that I attended, below.

Our strategy as a company is centered on delivering unmatched EHS performance for our clients.  This involves the mitigation of health, safety and environmental risks that our clients have in their hazardous locations, worldwide.  We do this by having the best people in the business, the best equipment, innovative processes and a broad set of service offerings.   We also execute against this strategy by setting a great example.  On our Safety day, we had something to celebrate as a group — in 2013 we set a world-class example.  In fact, 96% of our locations operated without a recordable incident (as defined by OSHA), and our global Total Recordable Incident Rate finished the year at 0.26 – truly a world-class figure.  While our goal will always be ZERO (and we will get there…), the results in 2013 are a fantastic step in that direction.  Thanks to all of you for remaining diligent, thinking ahead and staying safe.

On Safety Day, I had the opportunity to participate in two of our events in the Houston area and have been pleased to hear of other successful local celebrations. It is nice to re-energize ourselves around our mission and to learn more about staying safe on and off the job.

Corporate Hosts First Safety Day

This was the first Safety Day for our corporate group. Our event was exciting with more than 150 people on hand to hear important presentations about the dangers of drinking and driving as well as safety around the home.

The message, entitled “Save a Life, Don’t Drive Drunk,” was delivered by our Accounts Payable Supervisor Terri Rodriguez and her husband, Mark. Terri and Mark founded Krysta’s Karing Angels to honor their daughter, Krysta, who was killed Feb. 11, 2010 at the age of 22 when the car she was a passenger in was struck broadside by a drunk driver. It was a painful testimonial to hear from a co-worker but a critical message to share with all.

Many of the members of KKA also attended and three of the survivors brought the wreckage of their loved one’s cars, all killed in drunk driving crashes. The stories were shocking but served an important purpose — to heighten awareness of just how tragic drunk driving can be.

Also attending was Head of Vehicular Crimes Division of Harris County Alison Baimbridge who spoke about the penalties for driving drunk in Houston.

Our thanks go out to the KKA volunteers who helped make our event memorable: Mark and Terri’s surviving children Krista, Dannielle and Eric; Stefanie Rhoades Zepeda, who pulled her mom’s car (Tammy Rhoades, killed 01-02-12 by drunk driver); Ross Jones, who pulled his daughter Emily’s truck (18-years-old, killed in March, 2011); Cody Lewis, a firefighter who pulled the other DWI fatality truck; and Kelsey Cornelius and Total Safety’s Shelby Denison, who ran the popcorn and snow cone machines.

Safety Day Mood Swing

Total Safety SVP Stenning Schueppert then lightened the mood with his humorous observations on what NOT to do at home if you want to stay safe. Prizes were distributed for the right safety answers. Afterward, we all went on a hunt with Spot the Safety Dog to find dangerous safety situations throughout the office.

Corporate Safety Day was quite a success. In addition to those already mentioned, others who helped make the Safety Day at corporate a great event were Amy Brast, Debbie Krolczyk, John Helms, Aaron Little, Javier Martinez, Kevin Croteau, Will Cruickshank and Jahvet Thomas.

On to Pasadena

About midway through the day, I drove to Pasadena to join our Safety Day events there, already in progress. It was another excellent event. Activities included guest speakers, hazard recognition exercises, team building activities, service recognition and site safety recognition.  The event, held at the Pasadena Convention Center, was attended by more than 300 employees representing Malone, LaPorte, 16 branches of Rental and Compliance, EH&S and H2WR.

Guest speakers included Sam Smolik of LyondellBasell who commended Total Safety for the progress it has made in the Zero Direction; Bill Shaw of Evergreen Industrial whose topic was See It, Own It, Solve It; Marcos Pereira Munguia who gave a personal testimony about the dangers of Texting while Driving; and Les Rucker of Valero who spoke about a Caring Culture and how it requires courage, commitment, compassion and competence. We are very fortunate to have such loyal and dedicated customers that they will give up part of their weekend to come address our group.

This highlights for me something very powerful about what we do.  We are all very fortunate to work in such an incredible industry, one that is dedicated to protecting workers’ safety and wellbeing.  The job that we do, every day, ensures the safety and wellbeing of thousands of workers around the world.  By their presence at our events, our customers are telling you just how thankful they are of the job that you do.  There are others that are thankful as well – the families of all of those workers, your families, your colleagues, your management team and me.  Thanks for everything you do for Total Safety and for our customer’s and each other.

Also, many thanks to the Safety Day Steering Committee including Terry Rimato, Scott Laughery, Paul Walker, April Bardwell, Libby Machalicek, Juliet Burton, Steve Beers, Margie Ruiz, Ricky Wagnon and Cheryl Dickerson.  The events were a great success and we really appreciate the countless hours and effort you put into the events.

Safety Activities around the World

We have received a wonderful slide presentation recapping the events in our MEAA region. Participating locations included offices in Dubai, Arabia, Qatar, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Cape Town, Australia and Iraq.

Attendees focused on recognizing hazards at home and work as well as participating in a hazard hunt. A safe driving presentation also included National Safety Council films for defensive driving and a briefing on local driving rules.

We would love to hear all about your local Safety Day celebrations. Please send photos and information to Cindy Landers who will publish a story on our round-the-world event in the next edition of SafetyLine.

Thank you all for participating, and many thanks to Steve Long and his team for coordinating with individuals in our local offices to ensure this successful global event.

Think Ahead, and Stay Safe.



Houston (Jan 6, 2014) – Leading international safety solutions provider Total Safety today announced it has acquired Flare Ignitors Holdings, owner of both Flare Ignitors & Rentals and Flare Ignitors Pipeline & Refinery. Based in San Antonio, Texas, Flare Ignitors has the deepest bench of trained service personnel backed by the largest rental fleet of tailored skid and trailer mounted flares in the industry.













Click here for the full press release.

Total Safety Recognized as Operational Consultancy of the Year by Oil & Gas Awards

November 6, 2013—Houston, TX—Total Safety has been recognized as the Operational Consultancy of the Year by the Oil & Gas Awards. The award demonstrates and celebrates advances made in key areas of environmental stewardship, efficiency, innovation, corporate social responsibility, health and safety.

Total Safety recently achieved two million non-recordable hours in its Fire Services team and one million in its European division.  These efforts help define and support Total Safety‘s commitment to a strong safety culture.

In addition, the company has VPP-Star status at seven locations, with twenty-eight additional locations in the process of preparing for VPP Star status.  VPP sites evolve into models of excellence and influence practices industry-wide. VPP is an OSHA-sponsored volunteer program, promoting effective worksite-based safety and health.

The Oil & Gas Awards recognize outstanding achievement made within the upstream and midstream sectors of the oil gas industry. They are nominated and judged by a panel of oilfield service employees, community stakeholders, independent experts, and respected industry veterans.

Oil Gas Award

About Total Safety

Total Safety, a Warburg Pincus portfolio company, is the world’s premier provider of integrated safety and compliance services and the products necessary to support them, including gas detection, respiratory protection, safety training, fire protection, compliance and inspection, industrial hygiene, onsite emergency medical treatment/paramedics, communications systems, engineered systems design, and materials management. It operates from 142 locations in 20 countries to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3). For more information about Total Safety and its unwavering commitment to safety, visit


For additional information, contact:

Cindy Landers, Media Relations

Office 713.353.7167