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We’re helping companies to adapt and change with managed COVID-19 worker safety solutions. Learn More

We’re helping companies to adapt and change with managed COVID-19 worker safety solutions. Learn More

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Communication Solutions

When seconds count, you can count on Total Safety. Our communication solutions include technologies, people, and equipment that enable real-time communication in mission-critical situations.

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Industrial Communication Services, Equipment Rental & Purchasing

With Total Safety’s communication solutions, you can increase workplace safety, efficiency, and compliance by providing immediate communication in emergency situations, during scheduled maintenance projects, as well as day-to-day operations. We offer industrial grade communications equipment and services to a wide variety of markets. Our communications equipment, including mission-critical Motorola 2-way radios, towers, repeaters, and more are FM approved and OSHA compliant.

SafeTek Communications™

SafeTek Communications™ technology helps save lives. We use mission-critical Motorola 2-way radios because they are engineered for reliability in the toughest conditions and situations. From our advanced alarm system to immediate emergency assistance, our SafeTek Communications™ helps keep your workers safe when they need it most.

Communications Systems Design

Total Safety helps you design your communications systems to keep your jobsite safe and your workers protected. No matter the job or environment, Total Safety Communications Solutions can help your team stay connected and safe. Talk to one of our communications specialists today.

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Emergency Assistance

In addition to communications technology and equipment, our team of trained safety technicians can support your job with 24/7 monitoring services and emergency assistance. In critical situations, Total Safety is a team on your side, keeping your workers safe.

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Total Safety Communications Solutions help keep your jobsite in compliance with state and federal regulations including FM and OSHA. Total Safety keeps your workers protected, your jobsite safe, and your business in compliance. Got special compliance needs? We’re ready. Talk to our Safety specialists today to learn how we can help.

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Inspection, Repair, Maintenance, & Service

We support our communications technology and equipment with technicians for inspection, repair, maintenance, and service to keep your workers safe and your jobsite running. Need help with inspection, repair, and maintenance of your communications equipment? Talk to a Safety specialist now.

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