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Flare Services

Total Safety provides the oil, natural gas, petro-chemical and pipeline industries with practical and reliable flare ignition systems, portable and permanent flare stacks, and a commitment to provide prompt, dependable service. What sets us apart from other flare companies is our commitment to quality design in equipment and our unmatched service. We are available and committed to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the largest fleet of flare systems in the industry.

Our flare systems solutions are structured around proven and dependable ignition products which have more than 15 years in development. We are constantly striving for new technology and procedures to improve our equipment and services, and to bring a higher degree of safety to our company and customers.

Our systems can be found at work across industrial fields around the world. Our services are provided to the pipeline and gas transmission, production, exploration, well testing, and well safety companies.

In February 2015, Total Safety was granted regulatory exemption for commercial use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) — small drones – for operations involving the inspection of flare stacks. This makes Total Safety the only company approved to perform flare inspections on land using UAS and one of just 24 companies throughout the United States granted exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) drone restrictions for specific commercial use.

Services may vary by region. Please contact your salesperson to discuss offerings in your area.

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Flare equipment and services for drilling and well testing. Including solar and electrical ignition systems and flare stack skids.

Drilling and Well Testing Services

Total Safety provides flaring equipment and services for horizontal, under-balanced, H2S, and high pressure drilling and well testing operations. We manufacture dependable, solid state 12/120-volt ignition systems, available with solar or electrical power options. Total Safety provides several fail safe ignition systems that have the capability of alerting rig personnel to the potential failure of the flare system.

For both drilling and well testing, we flare stacks in 4″, 6″, 8″ and 12″ sizes, in 30’ or 60′ in height. All of our flare stack skids are self-erecting by use of hydraulic cylinders. These stacks are the most efficient and safest in the industry. Most equipment packages include a single flare ignition system SureFire pilot or igniter, and twin fuel gas tanks with safety cage. We also provide fittings and valves with all flare line rentals.

We pride ourselves on our unique stack design, and with our proven ignition systems. We can make your next drilling or well testing operation a safe and economical one.

Services may vary by region. Please contact your salesperson to discuss offerings in your area.

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Pipeline Blow Downs and Flare Maintenance

When your pipeline or refinery is shut down and you have to clear a product line, time and money are crucial. With Total Safety’s unique procedures we can blow down most heavy products three times faster than our competition.

There are many benefits to letting Total Safety handle your pipeline blow down.

  • Our Air Assist Flare Tip is designed to surpass industry requirements with a minimum 98.5% destruction efficiency rate while providing maximum air pressure for flaring virtually any type of pipeline product.
  • This one-of-a-kind air assist tip ensures smokeless flaring at high exit velocities with low heat radiation due to our rental flares being 60′ or 100’ tall.
  • If you have an emergency, or need to schedule routine maintenance and repairs, our experienced staff is on hand 24 hours a day to answer all your needs.

Total Safety offers portable, self-guyed flare stacks and ignition systems to the pipeline industry and petrochemical plants during scheduled turn-a-rounds or emergency repairs and maintenance. The capabilities of our flare systems range from low to extremely high exit velocities. Our portable flare stacks have a small footprint and the dependable twin ignition systems are fuel efficient and easy to operate. When we install our flare line on each job it is hard piped (no hoses) and pressure tested with nitrogen.

Total Safety also offers high BTU enclosed rentals flares for rack stations, storage tanks, plant vessels and waste disposal facilities.

Services may vary by region. Please contact your salesperson to discuss offerings in your area.

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Equipment for pipeline blow downs and flare maintenance, including portable, self-guyed flare stacks, ignition systems, and BTU enclosed rental flares.

Permanent flare systems and services including elevated, self-supporting, skid-mounted flares and more.

Permanent Flare Systems and Services

Total Safety can design and manufacture a wide variety of flare and ignition systems to meet your specific needs. With our proven, trouble-free ignition systems, you will be provided with years of dependable service.

Total Safety flare services can manufacture and design the following types of flare systems:

  • Horizontal and elevated flares
  • Self-supporting or guyed
  • Derrick mounted
  • Trailer or skid mounted
  • Utility
  • Air assisted
  • Sonic
  • Steam assisted
  • Mechanical
  • Enclosed
  • Gas assisted
  • Liquid
  • Staged flares
  • Pit flares

Find out about how Total Safety’s exclusive Flare Services can keep your workers safe while protecting your bottom line.

Services may vary by region. Please contact your salesperson to discuss offerings in your area.

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