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In-Mine Service Center

With Total Safety’s exclusive In-Mine Service Centers (IMSCs), our full-time, trained technicians can be on site at your choice of location, day or night, providing integrated safety services to support specific requirements, which improves efficiency and minimizes costs.

By implementing an IMSC at your location, you can expect to lower costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars and post safety records that are significantly better than the industry average.

Total Safety’s In-Mine Service Centers offer:

  • Advanced planning of safety practices and determination of needs
  • Supply of rental equipment needed to accommodate owners and contractors
  • Inspection and maintenance of existing safety equipment for performance and compliance
  • Distribution of safety instruments and any necessary equipment training
  • Rental of specialty/high cap-ex items and services
  • Auditing of contractor and in-house staff safety practices
  • Fire, gas and respiratory inspection and compliance

Services may vary by region. Please contact your salesperson to discuss offerings in your area.

Total Safety’s in-mine service centers provide on-site safety services through trained technicians to support safety requirements, maximize efficiency and minimize cost.