Frequently Asked Questions


How much experience do Total Safety employees have?

As one team, Total Safety represents more than 7,000 years of commitment to safety, health and environment.  We collectively have more than 20,000 certified and validated training certificates, representing more than a half million hours of expertise. Last year, the Total Safety family committed more than 7 million hours to protecting workers in hazardous environments around the globe.

Last year, we completed more than 200 turnarounds and provided daily safety support to people on more than 290 onshore and offshore rigs.

How many companies has Total Safety acquired?

Total Safety is more than 24 safety service and product providers under one smart solution. That is why we call it Total Safety. 

At Total Safety, we work hard to put the person back into personal accountability. As we built our company, we have proudly welcomed the experts from all 24 companies into our family of safety providers with the mission of ensuring the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3).

Safety is in our DNA and it has shaped who we are today.

What do you mean by Building HEROES, Protecting HEROES?

At Total Safety®, we take personal safety seriously. We know that we are the face of safety that our customers see each day at work. In the simple act of doing our jobs, we bring peace of mind to our customers knowing their employees are in the hands of safety experts.

Whether we are providing respiratory, gas detection or communication solutions, auditing a facility, designing a fire suppression system, rescuing people from a dangerous situation, or teaching employees how to protect themselves and their co-workers, we are there to put our customers at ease so they can focus on their business.

We are on a hero’s journey to make the world a safer place for workers; and we are extremely proud of the millions of man hours that we have logged keeping our customers and their contractors safe. Ensuring the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3 ) is our heritage. We are proud to carry on this tradition at Total Safety and in our personal lives.

It is not a shield or logo that makes the Total Safety brand; it is our people. In 2014 we adopted the acronym HEROES – Helping Everyone Reach Operational Efficiency Safely – to remind every single person at Total Safety and at the facilities we serve about this shared mission. Wherever our clients encounter safety, health and environmental challenges we are there and ready to help.