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Food & Beverage Safety Solutions

Total Safety has the technology, equipment, systems, and expert specialists to ensure workforce safety and compliance in the food & beverage industry.

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Food & Beverage Safety Services, Equipment, Rentals, & Purchasing

Safety is our mission. Your workers help to distribute food all over the world, so we help keep them safe. In any industry where health and safety are at stake, Total Safety experts can show you how to reduce risk through advanced monitoring, engineering, design, and training. When there is a need to take action, we can be there to help ensure prompt response to minimize the threat to lives, property, and the environment.


Our eDistribution technology makes it easy for you to order, monitor, and distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) and tooling. Total Safety’s one-stop-shop suite of eProcurement solutions combines technology and advanced reporting to ensure workforce safety and increase productivity.


Keep the jobsite safe and protected with connected WorkZone technology. Advanced atmospheric monitoring, mobile-connected smart inspection, alerts, and asset distribution & tracking will safeguard your jobsite in compliance with OSHA regulations. Our connected innovations keep work zones safe and ensure that equipment is operating efficiently.

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Persoonlijke Beschermingsmiddelen

Total Safety beschikt over een groot aanbod persoonlijke beschermingsmiddelen samen met een superieure service. Of u nu op zoek bent naar uniformen, overals of chemische beschermingspakken, handschoenen, laarzen, veiligheidsbrillen of meer, ons team staat voor u klaar.

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Our advanced SmartMonitor system digitally oversees your workplace to secure the protection of your workers. Real-time integrated CCSM technology maximizes worker safety both inside and outside of confined spaces, monitoring work atmosphere, activities and employee identification remotely from a central control room.

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Distributie & bevoorrading op locatie

Total Safety biedt de technologie en uitgebreide oplossingen voor veiligheidsbenodigdheden en -uitrusting, waaronder verkoopautomaten, in-plant service centers, safety shop en het traceren van bedrijfsmiddelen.

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