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Industrial Safety Technology

Our solutions empower your jobsite with the technology, equipment, and compliance to keep your workers protected and connected. State-of-the-art safety monitoring software and systems report data in real-time, helping save lives and streamlining costs.

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Services, Equipment Rental & Purchasing

Total Safety solutions integrate advanced technology, specialized equipment, compliance regulations, and trained technicians to help ensure the safe wellbeing of over 50 million workers worldwide. Within our solutions, we utilize patented Central Confined Space Monitoring (CCSM) technology, GPS, Gas & Fall detection, monitoring, Smart Inspection, advanced reporting & analytics, and Motorola 2-Way radio systems. See why some of the largest businesses in the world trust Total Safety’s solutions to bring their workers home safe.      

SmartMonitor - Central Confined Space Monitoring (CCSM)

Total Safety’s patented Centralized Confined Space Monitoring™ System maximizes worker safety by monitoring confined spaces remotely from a central control room. CCSM includes an innovative risk control process to employ dedicated equipment with trained safety technicians. Each system uses five types of technology which includes badge/ID reader technology, fixed gas monitoring, closed-circuit cameras, audible and visual alarms, and push-to-talk communications.


Our advanced SmartMonitor system digitally oversees your confined work spaces to secure the protection of your workers. Real-time integrated CCSM technology maximizes worker safety both inside and outside of permit required confined spaces, monitoring work atmosphere, activities, and employee identification remotely from a central control room.

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Guard keeps workers safe with innovative real-time monitoring, detection, and emergency alert technology like our SOS notification feature. From gas monitoring to motion and fall recognition, our wearable technology will track, notify, and provide immediate emergency notifications to help protect workers during critical situations.

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Keep your jobsite safe and protected with Total Safety WorkZone technology. Advanced atmospheric monitoring, mobile-connected smart inspection, alerts, and asset distribution & tracking will safeguard your jobsite and ensure compliance with OSHA regulations. Our WorkZone technology keeps your workers protected, your jobsite safe, and your company compliant.

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Direct, real-time communication is vital in mission-critical situations. Our advanced connected 2-way radio systems can provide a direct link with workers to a centralized control room, ensuring safety, immediate assistance, and responsive incident resolution.

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Our cutting-edge eDistribution technology makes it easy for you to order, monitor and distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) and tooling. Total Safety’s one-stop-shop suite of eProcurement solutions combines technology and advanced reporting to ensure workforce safety and increase productivity.

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Centralized, visualized, and mobilized… Hub360 is a work portal for complete safety management. Our multi-functional platform efficiently monitors your entire worksite in real-time. From our tech center control room to our live account dashboard, Hub360 displays performance data, safety incidences, gas exposure mapping, predictive analytics, efficiency reports, and job completion insights.

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Manufacturer Trained Specialists

Total Safety ensures that only the best, highest caliber of specialists are assigned to your projects. Our connected solutions specialists are certified professionals specifically trained to operate and troubleshoot partner manufacturer’s equipment pieces.

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