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Midstream Safety Solutions

At Total Safety, it’s our mission to ensure the safety and wellbeing of workers worldwide. We have the technology, equipment, solutions, and people to mitigate risk and keep midstream workers and communities safe.

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Midstream Safety Services,
Equipment Rental & Purchasing

Whether it’s gas detection, GPS-monitored tank battery inspections, centralized confined space monitoring for pipeline and tank maintenance, or flare design and installation, we’re there to deliver specialized equipment, personnel, and services that will help you manage risk and cost.


Our eDistribution technology makes it easy for you to order, monitor, and distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) and tooling. Total Safety’s one-stop-shop suite of eProcurement solutions combines technology and advanced reporting to ensure workforce safety and increase productivity.


Our advanced SmartMonitor system digitally oversees your workplace to secure the protection of your workers. Real-time integrated CCSM technology maximizes worker safety both inside and outside of permit required confined spaces, monitoring work atmosphere, activities and employee identification remotely from a central control room.

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Supplies, Equipment & Distribution

Total Safety provides cutting-edge asset management systems, technical support and personal protective equipment. From vendor managed inventory to eProcurement, we have the solutions to protect your workers.

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Medical Management Solutions

Total Safety’s medical management solutions include certified EMT, paramedics, qualified health care technicians, medical treatment facilities, advanced and basic life-saving equipment, onsite clinics, and dedicated nursing personnel to ensure the safe wellbeing of your workforce. Total Safety provides the technology, equipment, compliance, and trained professionals to keep your jobsite safe!

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EHS Solutions

Total Safety’s advanced technology, equipment, and certified experts monitor and mitigate health and safety risks. Our technology, data analysis, safety devices, training, engineering solutions, and industrial safety expertise help keep your workers protected, your jobsite safe, and your business in compliance with state and federal safety regulations.

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