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Atemluftsysteme der Klasse D

At Total Safety, we understand that when it comes to hazardous environments, respiratory protection does not have a  “one-size-fits-all” solution. This is why Total Safety works with you to create custom breathing air solutions that are designed to protect the safety and health of your workers, comply with regulatory standards, and fit your specific jobsite requirements.

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Smart Compressor

Total Safety’s Smart Compressor™ is an innovative remote monitored breathing air system that does more than just supply air, it provides real-time data to a remote attendant, on a small footprint.   The Smart Compressor is a low pressure, high volume system that can produce 220 cubic feet of Grade D breathing air per minute. The Smart Compressor’s breathing air output is enough to support over 100 people working under air continuously from one hundred feet to a quarter of a mile away with the right respirator.

Total Safety’s SmartCompressor is the only compressor available that provides real-time Grade D breathing air analysis, which includes reading for, CO, CO2, O2, VOCs, air pressure, air temperature, volume, and dew point.

High-Pressure Loop Systems

With Total Safety’s exclusive high-pressure loop system (HPLS),  deliver high volumes of compressed breathing air to workers that require Grade D breathing air including, confined-space work, asbestos or insulation removal,  high-pressure hydro-blasting, welding,  and working in inert atmospheres.

Our patented HPLS breathing system, when compared to traditional breathing systems,  offers a higher level of safety and reduces costs. By utilizing Total Safety’s HPLS compressed air tube trailers you will see benefits such as:

Fixed Breathing Air Systems

Total Safety’s fixed breathing air systems provide Grade D breathing air to accommodate multiple users at fixed locations around the facility to help create the ideal respiratory environment for workers. Our custom fixed breathing air systems are ideal for tank battery farms, railcar loading terminals, tanker truck loading facilities, and more.  By utilizing Total Safety’s custom-engineered fixed breathing air systems, you can achieve safer working environments and increased efficiency with centralization and standardization of breathing air equipment.

We have the extensive in-house capabilities to survey potentially hazardous environments and provide custom systems that comply with applicable codes and regulations as well as the necessary equipment and materials, to suit your specific needs. We fabricate, install, commission and maintain these systems and provide the necessary training for safe and proper operation. Each custom fixed breathing air system is:


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