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Onsite Medical Services

We offer Onsite Medical Services to help ensure the health and safety of your staff. Total Safety has the full medical teams, medical processes and testing capabilities ready to provide on-site medical services to you. Our clinical model includes emergency care, urgent care, and wellness assessments which can provide convenient medical services, treatments, and medical supplies to your workers.

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Having medical care readily available can help reduce injury and illness at your facility. By staffing your clinic with health and safety trained medical professionals such as physician assistants, registered nurses, emergency responders,  paramedics, and phlebotomists, to help ensure your personnel are receiving the highest quality of medical care without having to leave the jobsite.

Here are just some of our services:


Onsite Health Screening Stations

Developed with our Medical Director following CDC guidelines, our Comprehensive COVID-19, flu, and general health screening stations are your first line of defense in containing the risk of the spreading illness at your facility or off-shore. Our trained and qualified health screeners conduct a comprehensive health screening on each person reporting to the jobsite. We evaluate each person for an elevated body temperature and visible signs of illness. Having medical resources in place will support your fit-for-duty program.

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