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Communication Consulting & System Design

Total Safety has communication solutions for your worksite challenges, even in remote locations where it is difficult to get a signal. We can help increase workplace safety, efficiency, and compliance by providing reliable communication in emergency situations during scheduled maintenance projects and day-to-day operations. We offer industrial-grade communications equipment and services to a wide variety of markets. Our communications equipment, including mission-critical Motorola Two-way radios, towers, repeaters, and more are compliant with the latest industry compliance standards.

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Systems Design and Installation

As recognized leaders for the engineering, design, procurement, project management, installation, testing and commissioning of communications systems, look to us to help design your communication systems, including:

Convenient, 24/7 Service and Support

Total Safety’s exceptional, around-the-clock service and support provide the convenience and peace of mind you need to keep communication running smoothly. And because we offer rentals and service of Motorola radios,  you can get the equipment you need –  when you need it.  Same-day delivery where available.

Motorola Channel Partner

Total Safety is a Motorola Channel Partner.  We are an authorized Motorola sales and services dealer, and repair center. We have extensive experience working with Motorola product portfolio to deliver top of the line communication solutions to your facility.  Whether you are looking to purchase a product or need help solving a complex business challenge, we are here to help!

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