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Permit Writers

Total Safety's professional Permit Writers are carefully selected based on their credentials and prior experience writing permits.  They are involved in daily progress meetings to be sure your projects are on schedule and in compliance with regulations.  They communicate daily with plant leadership and operations.

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Permit Writing services help streamline your projects by ensuring that you have the proper permits,  ensure qualified and trained personnel are performing work to the highest standards, and they track important data points and perform regular audits so you know that compliance standards are being met.


About Our Permit Writers:

Our permit writers have a minimum of 8 years of permit writing experience and a minimum of 10 years of operations experience in petrochemical plants and safety.  Additionally, they must pass our comprehensive permit writer program.

Our permit writers comply with your permit procedures and work directly with operations management, project management and contractors to ensure personnel and equipment safety requirements are met, and policies and procedures are followed. 

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