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Industrial Safety Supplies, Equipment & Distribution

Total Safety provides cutting-edge asset management systems, technical support and industrial supplies. From vendor managed inventory to eProcurement, we have the solutions to protect your workers.

Over 130,000+ SKUs, Equipment Solutions & Expert Support

With an extensive catalog of safety equipment, PPE & consumables, Total Safety offers immediate access to cost-effective equipment where and when you need it the most. With our support of the maintenance and distribution of your safety equipment you can focus on your core business. From maintenance, on-site management to distribution, we have got you covered.

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Safety Equipment & PPE

Respiratory Protection

Fall Protection Equipment & Systems

Fixed & Portable Gas Detection Monitors

Garment Products


First Aid Supplies

Material Management

Maintenance & Repair



Equipment Training

Data Analysis & Reporting


Vending Machines

Vending Management

Asset Management Services

Equipment Tracking

Tool Crib

Safety Shop

In-Plant Services Center

Certified, Calibrated & Compliant

Safety equipment when you need it, where you need it. Eliminate compliance, maintenance, and calibration costs with safety equipment that is maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s suggested practices and the highest safety standards, plus 24/7 phone support.

Safety Equipment Maintenance Professional
Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) Optimization Professional

Maintenance & Repair Services

Total Safety helps you maximize your maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) optimization. Our intuitive services help your business increase service levels, minimize unplanned downtime, reduce inventory-related costs, and effectively optimize inventory and performance.

Vending & Onsite Inventory

Total Safety provides technology and comprehensive solutions for safety supplies and equipment solutions including Vending Machines, In Plant Service Centers, Tool Lockers, and Asset Tracking.

Safety Equipment Vending Machine

Worker Safety Technology

State-of-the-art safety monitoring software, systems, and equipment that centralize, analyze, and report data in real-time, saving lives and streamlining costs.

Smarter Digital Monitoring Professional
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Smarter Digital Monitoring for Workplace Safety & Efficiency.

Advanced Worker with Safetek Face Guard
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Advanced Worker Safety Technology.

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Safetek WorkZone Icon


Workplace & Jobsite Safety Technology.

Industrial Walkie Talkies
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Communications Technology for Life Critical Situations.

Safety Equipment Vending Machine
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Technology-Driven Distribution of PPE and Safety Supplies.

Expert Safety Manager
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Customer Portal for 360 Safety Management.

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Data & Analytics

All personal protective equipment compliant solutions at Total Safety ensure a quality fit and come with superior service. Whether you’re looking for uniforms, slicker or chemical protection suits, gloves, boots, safety glasses, repair services, or more, our support team is here to help.

Material Management

Ordering your work-wear garments from Total Safety ensures long-lasting worker protection and around-the-clock customer support. Our local seamstress can make alterations, additions, and customizations to your garment at your specifications.

In Plant Service Center (IPSC)

Total Safety invented the concept of an on-site, integrated safety equipment and services package called the In-Plant Service Center (IPSC). The IPSC allows us to be on-site 24/7 at our customer’s location with full-time, trained technicians providing integrated safety solutions to support specific requirements, tailored to your specific needs. By adopting this solution, costs can be optimized while ensuring best-in-class safety performance.

Distribution & Asset Management

Total Safety’s Asset Management Solutions are designed to monitor, distribute, and maintain PPE, tools, and supplies to optimize production output. With our industrial vending machine’s auto-refill functionality and Safety Shops, our solutions offer data-rich insights that help increase productivity, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Legal & Standard Requirements

Our Total Safety locations as well as some of our In-Plant Services Centers at our customers sites are ISO 9001 certified.

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More Than Equipment

Speak with our dedicated team of safety consultants, engineers, and manufacturer trained technicians to determine a custom solution for all your safety needs.

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Local feel. Global power.


Our experts keep your workforce safe and in compliance.


We are one of the largest global safety companies.

Unique Products

One of the largest portfolios of PPE.


One of the world‘s largest life safety equipment inventory.

Workers Protected

Helping workers get home safely every day.

“I confidently and without reservation recommend Total Safety. Total Safety's High Pressure Loop System was flawless. In addition to supporting approximately 100 personnel simultaneously under supplied air, they did so without sacrificing compliance or the health and safety or any personnel involved with the project. In addition the cost savings from implementing Total Safety's proven model, saved us more than $350K in labor costs alone. This does not include savings in equipment utilization models. In my experience working with Total Safety's team members, I can confidently say, each person espouses their Mission Statement of being committed …to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide”

- A Major Petrochemical Refinery Plant, TX

“Total Safety continues to succeed where others have struggled. I appreciate the MET (Most Effective Technology) discussions on additional opportunities for us to provide a safe and efficient turnaround - Real Time Data Reporting, Confined Space Video Monitoring, Remote Gas Detection and the multitude of tools which Total Safety has to offer. This is how we're able to consistently provide Best In Class equipment and services.”

- A Large Petrochemical Refinery, LA

“Total Safety's dedication, professionalism, responsiveness, and adaptability while supporting confined space entry and rope access rescue support, and confined space entry control during the inspection of the power tunnel and subsequent repair of the tunnel lining. Your team was always willing to step up to help the Inspectors, Engineers, and Contractors solve issues related to safety. Your team was able to manage the different facets of this project with no down time, while remaining flexible to changes that were beyond their control. I don't think I could give enough praise for what your team added to this project.”

- A Major Energy Company, CO

“Thanks to Total Safety, we have another successful TAR in 2022. We first used Total Safety's SafeTek SmartMonitor system in 2019 and was pleased with the service, so we hired them again. Total Safety exceeded our expectations! We experienced a power outage during a vessel entry project, and Total Safety's SafeTek confined space monitoring system backup power immediately turned on and allowed us to complete the task without delay. Total Safety SafeTek technicians were very knowledgeable and professional. They were able to provide us with important data and even video backup anytime we requested it day or night.”

- Major Refinery Plant, LA USA

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