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We’re helping companies to adapt and change with managed COVID-19 worker safety solutions. Learn More

We’re helping companies to adapt and change with managed COVID-19 worker safety solutions. Learn More

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Aerospace & Aviation Solutions

Total Safety has the technology, equipment, systems, and support to ensure the safe wellbeing of your workforce and maintain compliance in the aerospace and aviation industries.

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Aerospace & Aviation Safety Services, Equipment Rental & Purchasing

The aerospace industry follows strict standards to ensure safety and implements procedures that properly maintain equipment and monitor aircraft components. In-the-air or on-the-ground, we’re committed to keeping people safe. With Total Safety, we provide the technology, equipment, compliance, and people contributing to the safety and wellbeing of your business operations.

SafeTek eDistribution™

Our SafeTek eDistribution™ technology makes it easy for you to order, monitor, and distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) and tooling. Total Safety’s one-stop-shop suite of eProcurement solutions combines technology and advanced reporting to ensure workforce safety and increase productivity.

SafeTek WorkZone™

Keep the jobsite safe and protected with connected WorkZone technology. Advanced atmospheric monitoring, mobile-connected smart inspection, alerts, and asset distribution & tracking will safeguard your jobsite in compliance with OSHA regulations. Our connected innovations keep work zones safe and ensure that equipment is operating efficiently.

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Maintenance, Repair, and Operations

With our MRO tools and preventive maintenance and repair solutions, Total Safety makes it possible to achieve long-term efficiency savings that will help your business’ bottom line and keep your workforce safe and compliant. 

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Personal Protective Equipment Solutions

All garment compliant solutions at Total Safety ensure a quality fit and come with superior service. Whether you’re looking for uniforms, slicker or chemical protection suits, gloves, boots, safety glasses, custom alterations, repair services, or more, our support team is here to help.

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COVID-19 Solutions

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed new strategies and solutions that help you manage a safe environment for your workforce in accordance with CDC guidelines.

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Professional Fire Protection Services & Solutions

Total Safety’s professional fire detection, protection, and suppression solutions are key to protecting personnel, the environment, equipment and structures.

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Equipment Vending Machines

Manage inventory and automatically dispense and track PPE, MRO tools, equipment and more with our industrial vending machines. 

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