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Specialized Safety Personnel Solutions

Total Safety has the technology, equipment, compliance, and people to meet your safety needs. We assign only the finest caliber of specialized safety personnel to your project. For capital maintenance and turnaround projects, we utilize experienced safety supervision and highly-qualified attendants to reinforce workplace safety measures.

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Specialized Safety Personnel Services

When it comes to ensuring worksite safety, our highly skilled technicians are here to make it happen. With our safety experts, we believe that there is no job too big or too small. Focused on safeguarding your workers, our dedicated capabilities include: 

Rescue Technicians.
Saving Lives.

Total Safety has been a world leader in industrial rescue for over 25 years. With experts that work in the rescue field every day, our experienced rescue technicians approach every job with a proactive outlook for life safety. By planning for the prevention of a worksite or confined space incident, we can reduce the likelihood of negative outcomes in an emergency situation. Our rescue experts are more than just technicians. On your jobsite, they are true everyday heroes.

Trained Safety Attendants

We provide hands-on field training and classroom courses for each of our safety attendants, including safety procedures for simulated confined spaces, gas detection, fire, haz-com, and fall protection. All classroom and live field training is site specific and includes customers permits, policies, and procedures.

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Project Management & Execution

Our committed and dedicated Field Safety Service Managers monitor all current and upcoming projects. They actively communicate with employees and customers to ensure that projects are executed safely and proficiently.  

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Customized Permit Writer Program

Permit writers are carefully selected based on their credentials and permit writing experience. All candidates must successfully complete our comprehensive permit writing program which includes process safety management, confined space entry, electrical safety, recordkeeping, hot work dangers, and evacuation safety.         

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