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Specialized Safety Personnel

Our Safety Technicians Are the Total Package

Capabilities (including, but not limited to):

  • Turnaround safety planning
  • Writing confined space plans
  • Developing LOTO and blinding plans/procedures
  • Writing and issuing safety plans for high-risk work
  • Atmospheric monitoring
  • Daily field auditing of personnel and equipment
  • Conducting safety meetings
  • Investigating all accidents, incidents and near-misses
  • Managing injury cases
  • Training contractors on safety plans
  • Permit Writing

Services may vary by region. Please contact your salesperson to discuss offerings in your area.

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Total Safety’s safety technicians, attendants, and personnel are trained in turnarounds, confined space safety, permit writing, and more.
Project management system and HR personnel locates SSP for projects. Safety attendant training includes, confined space, PPE, LOTO, firewatch.

SSP HR, Training and Field Execution

  • Custom, web-based personnel management system designed to locate experienced employees with specific credentials and training.
  • Individual HR personnel are assigned to hire/train local, qualified employees for major projects.
  • Safety Attendant Training:
    • Nine hours of classroom training for confined space, firewatch, PPE, fall protection, haz-com and LOTO with written tests for each section.
    • Nine hours of field training with five “hands-on” training stations including: simulated confined space, live fire training, bottlewatch training, gas detection training and climbing training with graded scores at each training station.
    • All classroom training and hands-on field training is site-specific oriented and includes customers permits, policies and procedures.
  • Our field management utilize six exclusive field procedures insure that the project runs safety and efficiently.
  • All full time supervisors are tenured employees and are trained in supervisor training, confined space rescue training, Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS), permit writer training, OSHA 7300, OSHA 7115 and OSHA 30.

Services may vary by region. Please contact your salesperson to discuss offerings in your area.

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SSP Management and Project Execution

  • Dedicated Manager of Field Safety Services who monitors all current and upcoming projects and actively communicates with employees and customers to ensure that projects are executed safely and proficiently.
  • Client and project specific training requirements and credentials vary greatly from location-to-location. Our Management ensures that the Safety Technicians are selected to meet the specific requirements and demands of the client and project.
  • Customized Permit Writer Program – Permit Writers are carefully selected based on their credentials and their prior experience writing permits. Additionally, all Permit Writers must successfully complete our comprehensive Permit Writer course which includes:
    • Process Safety Management
    • Confined Space Entry
    • Electrical Safety
    • Recordkeeping and Recording
    • Dangers of Hot Work
    • Excavation Safety
    • Customized Permit to Work course which includes: gas detection requirements, hazard identification and PPE, permits (safe work permits, hot work permits, confined space permits (permit required and non-permit required) and specialized work permits), ventilation, permit times and expirations, emergency response and permit cancelations, IDLH, Stop the Work

Services may vary by region. Please contact your salesperson to discuss offerings in your area.

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Dedicated management monitors projects and ensures safety technicians meet requirements. Customized permit writer program trains permit writers in safety management, confined space entry.

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Specialized Safety Personnel

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