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Safety Workwear

Safety compliant workwear and garments are essential for all types of work environments, providing function, comfort, and mobility of your workforce. Total Safety offers customizable garment solutions for a multitude of industries.

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With Total Safety, our managed apparel program allows us to offer premium work garments and work gear available through an online ordering system and access to an extensive catalog of apparel options, and easy tracking of all current and past orders. We can even set up each of your employees their own profiles with automatic allowance tracking and personalized access to an approved selection of workwear.

Total Safety offers a wide variety of sizes so your employees will have access to the right garment, with comfortable and proper fit and quick delivery.

Garment Customization

Our in-house customization team can make additions to your garments that are perfectly matched to your specifications. We offer affordable garment customizations including:


*Custom alterations are not available.

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