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Refining Safety Solutions

When it comes to refining operations that transform crude oil and natural gas into finished products, our innovative solutions help ensure the safety of your employees, worksite, and community.

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Refining Safety Services, Equipment Rental & Purchasing

Our expertise and innovative solutions in downstream operations are what make us the leading global provider of integrated safety services, strategies, and equipment. We foresee the risks that come with the industry and take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your refinery or worksite. 


Our eDistribution technology makes it easy for you to order, monitor, and distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) and tooling. Total Safety’s one-stop-shop suite of eProcurement solutions combines technology and advanced reporting to ensure workforce safety and increase productivity.

Professional Fire Protection Services & Solutions

Total Safety’s professional fire detection, protection, and suppression solutions are key to protecting personnel, the environment, equipment and structures.

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Keep the jobsite safe and protected with connected WorkZone technology. Advanced atmospheric monitoring, mobile-connected smart inspection, alerts, and asset distribution & tracking will safeguard your jobsite in compliance with OSHA regulations. Our connected innovations keep work zones safe and ensure that equipment is operating efficiently.

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EHS Solutions

Total Safety’s advanced technology, equipment, and certified experts monitor and mitigate health and safety risks. Our technology, data analysis, safety devices, training, engineering solutions, and industrial safety expertise help keep your workers protected, your jobsite safe, and your business in compliance with state and federal safety regulations.

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Specialized Safety Personnel

Total Safety has the technology, equipment, compliance, and people to meet your safety needs. We ensure that only the finest caliber of specialized safety personnel are assigned to your project. For capital maintenance and turnaround projects, we utilize experienced safety supervision and highly-qualified attendants to reinforce workplace safety measures.

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