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Startup, Turnaround and Shutdown Services

Only Total Safety has the people, programs and processes to provide you with the safety support you need during crucial start-up, turnaround and shutdown periods. Total Safety has the experience you can trust. We’ve developed a menu of proven start-up and turnaround services that can improve safety, decrease start-up and turnaround periods and lower costs at any plant and mine location. Our expert start-up and turnaround services include:

By using Total Safety’s expert services during your start-ups and turnarounds, you can improve safety compliance, quality control and accountability; have around-the-clock access to equipment and trained personnel; achieve maximum asset utilization; reduce initial capital investment; and reduce administrative burden.

Services may vary by region. Please contact your salesperson to discuss offerings in your area.

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Startup, turnaround and shutdown services for plants and refineries. Rental equipment, fall protection, breathing services and more.