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Medical Management Solutions

Total Safety’s medical management solutions include certified EMT, paramedics, qualified health care technicians, medical treatment facilities, advanced and basic life-saving equipment, onsite clinics, and dedicated nursing personnel to ensure the safe wellbeing of your workforce. Total Safety provides the technology, equipment, compliance, and trained professionals to keep your jobsite safe!

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Medical Management Services

Each jobsite has its own safety requirements. Total Safety has created a unique service model that can be adapted to fit each jobsite, worker, and environment. We deliver highly-trained medical providers, medical packages, and services tailored to fit your business. Total Safety keeps your jobsite safe, your workers protected, and your company compliant.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed new solutions to help you manage a safe environment for your workforce in accordance with CDC guidelines, EEOC compliance, and state mandates. Total Safety will help you navigate the ever-changing regulations in your local area. As a full solutions provider, our medical management services include temperature screening stations, Smart Scanning technology, temperature screening stations, high-volume IR Smart Scanning, contact tracing and testing. We also provide Health Compliance Officers on-site to ensure cooperation with state regulations and mandates.

Basic & Advanced On-site Clinical Services

 Our clinical model includes emergency / urgent care, and wellness assessments which can provide convenient medical services to your personnel on site. These evaluations can reduce recordables, and ensure your personnel are receiving the highest quality of care in the onsite clinical setting.

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Occupational Medical Personnel

Working with your company’s current occupational model, Total Safety will provide the personnel and medical oversight you need to have a fully functioning onsite occupational program supporting the wellbeing of your personnel reducing OSHA recordables and enhancing the overall health of your worksite.

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On & Off-Site COVID Screening & Case Management

COVID Screening & Case management is detrimental to any organizations well-being. Assuring employees, they have a safe work location by means of the most accurate tests and screening solutions on the market is our priority.

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On-Site Health Compliance Officer

The role of the Health Compliance Officer is to assist organizations take a visible proactive approach, based on the latest understanding of the virus and remain in compliance with state and local health department mandates based on the most recent guidance from the CDC, WHO, OSHA, state and local entities.

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Remote Medical Services (Land & Offshore)

Total Safety’s Medical Management team has a strong understanding of what it takes to manage patients in the remote and onsite setting, while providing solution sets for the customer to receive the highest level of care for their employees. Operations works closely with the Medical Directors and Total Safety’s Senior Management Team to oversee all medical policies, and procedures for personnel working in both the national, and international setting.

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Medical Product Supplies, AED’s, and Training

Total Safety provides various basic medical supplies and training to promote your workplace safety. With the ability to procure various medical supplies, and provide training Total Safety has the most affordable, and top-quality supplies and training for your locations.

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