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Gas Detection Services

Total Safety has the world’s largest rental fleet of gas detection systems in the, downstream, upstream, mid-stream, industrial , and mining industries. Partnering with companies such as MSA, Industrial Scientific, Blackline Safety, and Honeywell, we rent, sell and service premium gas detection and monitoring systems. Trust us to calibrate and maintain your equipment with unsurpassed quality and professionalism. Talk to one of our trained and certified gas detection experts today! (We are factory trained and certified)

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Gas Detection Services & Equipment

Total Safety has the technology, equipment, compliance, people, and processes to deliver the industry’s best gas detection services to your operation. We provide top-quality equipment and unprecedented support to help keep your people safe and your operations profitable. We repair and maintain gas detection equipment on your site, rather you own it, or rent from us. All of our equipment techs are manufacturer certified and trained specialists.

Our gas detection solutions include:


Guard keeps workers safe with innovative real-time monitoring, detection, and alerts. From gas monitoring to motion and fall recognition, and our wearable personal gas detection technologies can help protect workers during critical situations. With Cloud connectivity, important data is displayed in real-time and connects you to a team of experts, 24/7.

Wearable Gas Monitoring

For those working in high-risk environments and confined spaces, portable gas monitoring is absolutely critical. Our sensor based and 24/7 connected, wearable gas monitoring system measures a wide variety of explosive and toxic gases simultaneously.

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Area Monitoring

Area gas detection and monitoring helps protect workers from toxic gases within a specific work zone. Designed to monitor multiple gases simultaneously, our advanced area monitoring system merges elements from portable and fixed gas detectors into one complete solution within a linked and cloud-based network.

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Fixed Monitoring

For work areas where the likelihood of explosive and/or toxic gases could be present on a continued basis, our permanently installed fixed gas detection solutions can detect and monitor exposures for workers operating in the area 24/7.

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Cloud Connectivity

With a team of highly skilled experts that protect your workers and worksite zones, our IOT Cloud connected gas detection devices allow us to collect valuable safety, exposure, and location data to safeguard your people and operation in real-time, 24/7. Always there, always connected…Total Safety offers a wide variety of advanced gas detection solutions and technologies that helps keep workers connected and safe.

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Emergency Notification

In critical situations, seconds matter! That’s why we utilize the most advanced technology for quick and reliable emergency notification to quickly alert support teams and help provide critical worker location.

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Rent or Buy

We have one of the largest rental fleets available nationwide. No matter where you are, we deliver.
Our gas detectors are maintained and repaired according to manufacturer’s specifications to keep you compliant. We regularly bump test and calibrate our equipment and can support your operation, rather it is our equipment or yours, 24/7.

Many of our gas detectors are configurable to your specific environment. In fact, there are thousands of sensor combinations we can create including: Ammonia, high-range ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, high-range carbon monoxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, COSH, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, high-range hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen-resistant carbon monoxide, LEL-MPS such as Methane Pentane, Hexane, Propane, Hydrogen, Ethane, Butane, nitrogen dioxide, and other gases like oxygen, photoionization detector and sulfur dioxide.

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