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Make Your Turnaround a Success

Planning a turnaround is complex and involves many moving pieces from budgeting to execution planning. A shutdown can bring up many questions, complexities, and logistical concerns. Let’s look at how your next turnaround project can be less complicated with the right strategies.

It Starts with a Project Plan

As an organization, it’s important to define turnaround objectives. It’s a Turnaround Manager’s responsibility to create a project outline of all the work that needs to be accomplished and deliver a clear plan of action to reach those goals. Each project phase comes with its own set of challenges to keep the project on schedule, in scope, and on budget.

It’s vital to control the shutdown from one phase to the next, the plan needs to address all activities and expected deliverables. One big part of the plan is to evaluate if your business has access to life-safety equipment and qualified staff. This will improve safety while enhancing your business processes and mitigating risk.

Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to refine the scope of the project and create specific action plans for the work to be accomplished. This is the time to formulate cost estimates, schedules, work lists, and resources needed to complete the turnaround. Since cost control is a key component, it’s important to consider, for instance, if using confined space monitoring technology would be more cost-effective than hiring extra labor for the project. It is also the time to take inventory of supplies required to complete the project and answer critical questions. For example, do you have enough life-safety equipment on hand? Is the equipment inspected and in working condition? Do you need to source new equipment or is renting a better choice? Do you have a reliable maintenance program in place for your equipment? Are your employees trained to use the equipment? Answering these questions honestly will go a long way in figuring out how prepared you are for a successful project.

Risk Management

Risk management begins by minimizing the risks with the highest impact. Ensuring jobsite safety for workers, contractors, and visitors should be the top priority during the shutdown. When preparing for situations where workers will be faced with changing hazardous conditions, there will undoubtedly be grey areas and unknowns. While not all risks can be managed, if you implement solutions that will deliver the most effective risk management safeguards, the success of the project can be maximized.

Turnarounds that adopt data enabled/connected technology solutions are able to collect data points such as turnaround equipment location, atmospheric changes, permit status, staffing assignments, and even life-safety equipment calibration schedules. The ability to run reports in real-time drives efficiency and helps you make better decisions faster.

Consider working with an experienced partner like Total Safety. We understand the intricacies of a Turnaround Project and can help evaluate your jobsite’s unique set of priorities and risks, to formulate a plan for any situation. We bring turnkey solutions including best practices, training solutions and experienced safety personnel, plus, we have the latest connected worker safety technologies, ready to deliver on your jobsite

Worker Safety Technologies: The Key to Simplifying Complex Turnaround Projects

One way to have greater visibility into your turnaround or maintenance project is with data-enabled/connected technologies that make it easier to understand what is happening on your jobsite in real-time. Using Total Safety’s Connected Worker Solutions, creates a truly connected workforce and worksite. Having the ability to keep track of specific turnaround project activities and have key data readily available in an easy-to-use dashboard helps you make better decisions faster.

Total Safety understands that you are looking for ways to make turnaround projects not only safer, but also more efficient and more productive, especially in today’s climate due to COVID-19 and other market constraints. You have turnaround projects to do, and you want to do that work safely and on schedule. That is why Total Safety offers a wide variety of fully connected products and services that help you reach your operational goals.

Turnaround is where operational and worker safety are at their peak of vulnerability. Here is how Total Safety’s Solutions can help streamline your turnaround project:


During large-scale turnaround projects, being able to monitor the workers in confined spaces is critical. Our SmartMonitor – Centralized Confined Space Monitoring (CCSM) system uses advanced technology, connecting life-safety equipment and highly specialized technicians to workers in tight areas. With CCSM, entrants to confined spaces have 2-way communications, real-time continuous gas detection coverage, and are visible via high-definition cameras to operators monitoring the entire entry process from the centralized control room that is temporarily installed onsite. This solution is also scalable as a portable solution for easy use on short term – open, clean, and inspect operations. The technology has been proven and refined over the past 19+ years and can provide your project with a significant reduction of at-risk employees required for confined space operations.


Keep your jobsite safe and protected with connected WorkZone technology. Advanced atmospheric area monitoring, mobile-connected smart inspections, data-enabled breathing air SmartCompressors, and asset distribution with real-time tracking & alerts, will safeguard your jobsite and ensure compliance with OSHA and other site specific regulations. Our connected innovations keep work zones safe and ensure that equipment is operating efficiently.


During turnarounds, communication is key. Mission-critical 2-way communications like Motorola’s digital radios are ideal for these projects, maximizing safety, efficiency, and compliance by providing immediate communications during maintenance or shutdown. Total Safety offers a wide variety of communication technologies and solutions including – portable radio towers, signal repeating and system bridging solutions, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connected networks, and cellular & satellite-enabled personal gas detection devices.


Wearable technology, such as Guard, keeps workers safe with real-time/data enabled monitoring, detection, and emergency notification capabilities. This compact and portable technology is especially crucial during shutdown and turnaround projects when worker safety and efficiency is required. The state-of-the-art connected technology includes – gas monitoring, motion and fall recognition, GPS location, dedicated push-to-talk communication channels, and emergency SOS activation to help assist in locating workers during critical rescue and/or evacuation situations. All data is collected via direct-to-cloud technology and KPI reports are available 24/7 via a robust password-protected web portal.

A turnaround is a complex (and expensive) endeavor. Leverage the experts at Total Safety to help make your turnaround, shutdown, or maintenance projects more successful with our full range of solutions. When safety matters, we’re ready.™

Need help planning your next turnaround? Talk to a Total Safety expert today.