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Tag Archives: Industrial Safety Services & Equipment

Meet Z-Safety Services: Safety Services and Equipment for Europe

Z-Safety Services is Total Safety’s European division that provides the same great industrial safety services and equipment of which Total Safety is known.

Let us know how we can help keep your workers safe worldwide by contacting us at +1.888.32.TOTAL (86825) or at

The video is available in 4 languages. To view the video in another language, visit


Blakeman & Associates Partners with Total Safety

Blakeman & Associates, a premier ISNetworld® consulting firm, has joined forces with global safety giant Total Safety to provide clients with the best services in the industry.  The combined experience and knowledge of these two firms will offer an unparalleled package of safety and contractor compliance to an international client base.

Montgomery, TX and Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 12, 2013

Blakeman & Associates and Total Safety are bringing together their consulting experience to offer customers a more complete package of services and products. Blakeman & Associates can now offer Total Safety’s online respirator medical evaluation questionnaire and Blakeman & Associates can now provide a managed ISNetworld® compliance solution for Total Safety’s clients.

“We are always looking for new opportunities that will further our clients’ safety services,” says Bob Williams, CEO of Blakeman & Associates. “Total Safety’s Rapid MEQ® testing, an OSHA approved online medical questionnaire for employees, fits a need our clients asked for and a new partnership was created.”

Stenning Schueppert, a Senior Vice President of Total Safety, is also looking forward to offering more services to their clients around the globe. “ISNetworld® compliance remains a challenge for some of our customers and we are proud to offer them a trusted resource to tackle that compliance hurdle. Blakeman & Associates has a stellar record of assisting customers with their online contractor compliance – a service many clients are looking to outsource,” stated Schueppert.

Blakeman & Associates will feature the RapidMEQ® testing on their redesigned website starting Monday, April 15th. The confidential questionnaire can be completed online, saving companies the time and cost of sending their employees to an offsite licensed healthcare provider.

Blakeman & Associates guides small and large companies through the startup process with systems like ISNetworld®, PEC Premier, PICS and BROWZ and offers an annual maintenance program for maintaining compliance with these systems.

“Together with Total Safety, we will be able to bring a level of service to our customers unparalleled in the industry,” said Williams. “We see the needs of our clients changing and we have developed new services and products for our current and future clients.”

About Blakeman & Associates: Blakeman & Associates is a Montgomery, Texas based company that offers a wide range of safety, environmental, DOT, recruiting and human resources consulting services to clients all over North America. They have provided total compliance and business solutions to thousands of companies over the last 25 years. For more information about Blakeman & Associates, contact them at 936-582-2900, visit their website or email them at info(at)blakemanandassociates(dot)com

About Total Safety: Total Safety, a Warburg Pincus portfolio company, is the world’s premier provider of integrated safety and compliance solutions and the products necessary to support them, including gas detection, respiratory protection, safety training, fire protection, compliance and inspection, industrial hygiene, onsite emergency medical treatment/paramedics, communications systems, engineered systems design, and materials management. Selected as one of “America’s Safest Companies,” it operates from 142 locations in 19 countries to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3).

**Neither Blakeman & Associates nor Total Safety are in any way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®.

Total Safety Promotes Paul Tyree to SVP, North America

Houston – September 3, 2009

Paul Tyree has been promoted to Senior Vice President, North America for Total Safety.  Consistent with the company’s strategy to expand into new geographic markets, he will be leading the effort to develop Total Safety’s presence in Mexico and Canada while continuing to expand market reach in the US. 

“Paul has done an outstanding job of developing our service capabilities and market leadership in the US, and I am confident we will see similar results under his direction in this role,” said David E. Fanta, CEO.

Paul joined Total Safety in 1996 and has served in various sales and operations roles.  Most recently, Paul was responsible for the company’s US business.

Find out more information about Total safety and our entire line of industrial safety services and equipment by calling 888.44.TOTAL.

Total Safety – The Best Minds in the Business!

Total Safety Announces SVP, Eastern Hemisphere Appointment

Houston – August 13, 2009

Robert Limb, a 30 year professional in the energy industry, has joined Total Safety as Senior Vice President, Eastern Hemisphere.  He will be responsible for all operations and sales efforts in the hemisphere. 

Having worked in both the upstream and downstream energy industry with operator and service company experience, Robert has a proven track record of successful international business development. 

“Robert’s industry knowledge and leadership will further strengthen the company’s position to aggressively grow our international presence and service offering in key markets,” said David E. Fanta, CEO.

Robert joins Total Safety from Aibel Group Holdings, a division of Aibel Group Ltd.  Previously, he held various senior operational and sales positions with Baker Hughes Inc.

For more information on Total Safety or any of our industrial safety services and equipment, call us at 888.44.TOTAL.

Total Safety – The Best Minds in the Business!

Total Safety Releases All New 2009 – 2010 Products & Services Catalog

Houston – July 27, 2009

Total Safety, the global leader of integrated industrial safety services and equipment, announces the release of its new products and services catalog. This nearly 200-page, full-color catalog showcases thousands of safety products, equipment and safety services gathered from around the globe.

State-of-the-Art Safety Equipment

“The goal of this publication was not only to feature top brand products and services, but to provide a comprehensive guide for all the latest in cutting-edge safety services and equipment. Total Safety’s catalog represents the world’s best safety products all in one centralized place to make our customers’ jobs easier and to keep them safer,” said Charles Ripoll, Total Safety Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

Each of the seven main sections features products and services that are for rent and/or direct purchase. The seven sections include:

“While the catalog is very in-depth with an extensive listing of products and services, the catalog is easy to read which makes ordering very simple. As an added feature, we included industry resource guides to help customers make educated decisions about the appropriate safety equipment they’ll need for their particular requirements,” said Paul Tyree, Total Safety Vice President U.S. Operations.

Catalogs can be ordered by calling 888-448-6825 or online at

Online Catalog

Scheduled to debut in September, Total Safety is launching an e-commerce version of the catalog where products and services will also be available online for purchase or rent.

“We understand that different customers want different options when it comes to ordering their safety products and services. Our e-commerce catalog will feature all the services our customers expect in a way that’s perhaps more convenient for them,” said Ripoll.

Find out more about how Total Safety can provide your company with a complete line of industrial safety services & equipment by calling us at 888.44.TOTAL.

Total Safety – The Best Minds in the Business!

Total Safety Lands Major Deal in Central America

Houston – April 2, 2009

Total Safety, the global leader of integrated industrial safety services and equipment, was awarded a major safety project by San Salvador-based Monelca, which is El Salvador’s leading general construction company.

A Complete Fire Protection System

Total Safety was chosen to design, supply, support the installation and provide on-site training for a complete fire protection system for a new tank farm being constructed in Port of Acajutla in western El Salvador.

The scope of the project includes fire protection for eight tanks which hold refined petroleum products, one sphere which stores gases under pressure and a truck loading facility.

Major components of the new comprehensive fire protection system include: foam systems, deluge systems, custom fire suppression systems and fire monitors.

Safety is the First Priority

“Tank farms are potentially very dangerous areas because the stored liquids are extremely volatile.

Special precautions are required because you’re not only dealing with the safety of the actual tank farm location, but you have to consider the safety of the surrounding areas as well,” said Carlos Siso, Total Safety Manager of International Business Development.

Siso continued, “Our first priority is to ensure that all government standards and regulations are met on the behalf of Monelca which helps keep workers and the neighboring communities safe. Because this is such a critical project Total Safety is honored to have Monelca as a valued partner and that they chose us for this assignment.”

“Total Safety’s reputation as a leader in safety services precedes itself, which is why we wanted to work with them on this important project. Monelca has partnered with them before, and we know firsthand that they bring an expertise that is unmatched by other safety service companies,” said Manuel Vieytez, president and owner of Monelca.

Learn more about how Total Safety can provide your company with custom engineered fire systems design services by calling us at 888.44.TOTAL.

Total Safety – The Best Minds in the Business!

Total Safety Reaches International Offshore Milestone

Houston – January 26, 2009

Total Safety, the global leader of integrated industrial safety services and equipment, completed one of its largest refurbishing projects to date for Hercules Offshore, a leading provider of offshore contract drilling, liftboat and inland barge services.

Project Spanned from Houston to Dubai

Safety solution design and procurement of this international project started in Houston, Texas at Total Safety’s corporate headquarters, and the project was managed from Total Safety’s on-site office in Dubai, UAE. Refurbishing and updating the safety systems of two Hercules Offshore rigs (261 & 262) was completed on-site in Lamprell Shipyard in Sharjah, UAE.

“There is a reason why Total Safety is a leader in the safety industry. Their team was able to meet moving deadlines, eliminate any delivery problems, and they constantly adjusted the scope of work to meet our requirements,” said Terry Simpson, Hercules Offshore HSE Manager, Saudi Arabia.

Exclusive Safety Provider

Total Safety was the only safety company on location and completed the project incident free and 3 weeks ahead of schedule. The safety service provider was responsible for numerous initiatives in assisting Hercules Offshore to meet industry compliance mandates.

New systems included: fire protection and detection, gas detection, fire suppression, breathing air, helideck foam systems and other life safety equipment.

“This was an amazing project that demonstrated a great partnership between Total Safety and Hercules Offshore. Their team demonstrated the highest quality of skills and expertise,” said Emilio Flores, Total Safety’s International Project Manager, who was specifically chosen by Hercules Offshore to lead the project.

Find out why Total Safety in the leading provider of industrial safety services & equipment by calling us at 888.44.TOTAL.

Total safety – The Best Minds in the Business!

The Total Safety Zone: Safety pays you back — in a big way

By: CHUCK GIBSON, VPP Manager, Total Safety

Houston – December 2008

Did you know that improving safety increases your bottom line? It’s true. If your company puts safety first, you decrease losses and increase quality, which guarantees to advance your productivity. It’s a simple formula, but how do you get there? I can help.

The key thing to remember is that safety training doesn’t cost, it pays. By investing now in safety, regardless of the job at hand, an effective safety management program improves efficiency, keeps workers safe and reduces costly liability and loss of recourses.

Here is what I call “Seven Elements of a Highly Effective Safety Program”:

• Leadership. In the true sense of the definition, a leader is crucial for driving an effective safety program. Visible and vocal management support and activity provide the motivating force that radiates throughout the entire team. Leaders must be the example that others follow. If there’s no buy-in from the top, how do you expect other workers to respect the importance and magnitude of safe performance?

• Employee participation. Employees are the frontline for any successful safety initiative. Consider their participation as the orbit in which the safety programs rotate. Without them, safety plans are just ideas floating in space; employees are the ones who live it every day and put those compliance plans into action. Without their dedication and participation, your safety program has no chance of survival.

• Workplace analysis. A valuable and proactive safety program seeks to identify and analyze all potential hazards. The components of this type of investigation are compiled into comprehensive reports where the data is dissected and scrutinized. After careful examination of all the information, now you are able to mitigate the conditions that are currently or potentially hazardous.

But this is not effective without ongoing regular site inspections. These are absolutely mandatory because it’s the results of these inspections that are the catalyst to identify and correct unsafe conditions before they result in a mishap.

• Hazard prevention and reporting. Work force exposure to hazards (current or potential) is prevented by following a hierarchy of engineering controls, standardized work practices, administrative controls and personal protective equipment. In terms of hazard reporting, an anonymous system is the most reliable way because it allows employees to notify management of any unsafe conditions without fear of backlash or reprisal. Management, in turn, must guarantee that hazard reports receive timely and appropriate responses.

• Accident investigation and analysis. All accidents and near misses must be reported and then investigated. There is no gray area in this rule. Every successful safety program relies on this information to identify the cause of an incident and to develop a strategic plan for future revention. By analyzing the trends over time, patterns of common causes can be indentified and eliminated.

Analysis of the injury and illness data should include identification of the triggering hazard, locations of hazards and job descriptions.

•Emergency response. You can never be too prepared for an emergency because, as you know, emergencies happen any where, any time and without warning. Make it mandatory that emergency response tactics are formulated and well planned out, including as much detail as possible.

 Training is the key. Practice, practice, practice until everyone knows the drills inside and out. Lastly, triple verify that your emergency response equipment is fully stocked and in good working order.

• Safety and health training. The seventh and final element of a highly effective training program is training your staff in safety and health. This is done most successfully when incorporated into other training areas such as performance requirements and job practices. The more you build it into everyday situations, the more it will become second nature, which meets your ultimate goal of total safety immersion.

 Look for “Your Total Safety Zone” in each issue of BIC.

For more information about Total Safety or any of our industrial safety services & equipment, give us a call at 888.44.TOTAL.

Total Safety – The Best Minds in the Business!

Total Safety: Keep your workers safe and grow your bottom line

By Marty Tesselaar, UK District Manager, Total Safety

November 2008 Energy International

Leading industrial companies around the world know a good thing when they use it. They hire BEH/Total Safety because of its impeccable reputation for providing customized safety and compliance solutions. They trust the company to optimize workflows, accelerate project lifecycles, improve efficiency and alleviate administrative burdens all without compromising their own core competencies.

They do this all by adhering to one rule and one rule only. It is their promise and pledge that they keep to their clients, to their staff and to their families every single day. BEH/Total Safety’s mission is to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3).

Their team of over 1400 experts now operates in 37 locations, in 11 countries spanning 5 continents. Two of these facilities proudly reside in the United Kingdom-Knottingley, West Yorkshire and Aberdeen, Scotland. The company is here locally and 100% committed to serve their customers with two of their strongest business lines.

One of the world’s largest fleet of wireless gas detection systems

Only BEH/Total Safety has the people, programs and processes to deliver one of the industry’s best and largest gas detection instrumentation to local operations. Working with this team allows businesses to hire premium equipment at competitive prices, therefore optimizing their investments in safety devices. Customers can also expect unsurpassed quality of service and repair because BEH/Total Safety only utilizes the highest standard of testing and calibration. Don’t allow bottlenecks during turnarounds to stop production. From refining and petrochemical facilities to offshore drilling platforms, this company provides the top quality gas detection solutions that companies need to keep their people safe and their operations profitable.

This is just a small example of the types of instruments BEH/Total Safety carries.

Exclusive turnkey H2S custom respiratory protection solutions

This safety company is also the expert at delivering custom respiratory solutions packaged for strict operating demands, such as their H2S service for oil and gas drilling environments. By recruiting and training only the best technicians, BEH/Total Safety is trusted industry-wide to develop site-specific contingency plans and provide turnaround safety services and consultation to keep companies up and running.

Plus, they are a highly respected source for respiratory (SCBA) equipment hires and sales and respiratory pulmonary function tests with fit testing. With the best minds in the business handling respiratory needs, companies have a single-source partner for all Grade D breathing air demands. Below is a small sample of what BEH/Total Safety offers in respiratory services.

Equipment service, compliance and engineering

This team of safety experts meticulously services all of the equipment that they sell and hire which means everything is maintained for optimum performance and regulatory compliance standards.

Industry leaders rely on BEH/Total Safety’s on-site or in-shop services where trained and certified technicians are on call around the clock, seven days a week. Because services are custom built to a customer’s specifications, this service infrastructure eliminates equipment-related bottlenecks to keep projects on time and within budget.

On-site service

BEH/Total Safety’s expertise makes gas detection services and respiratory protection solutions fast and easy. Their In-Plant Service Centers (IPSCs) make equipment sales, service, maintenance, upgrade, documentation and management more economical by stationing their assets where companies need them most.

To learn more about Total Safety or any of our industrial safety services & equipment, give us a call at 888.44.TOTAL.

Total Safety – The Best Minds in the Business!

Total Safety Announces CFO Appointment

Houston – February 19, 2007

Total Safety announces the addition of Dennis Turnipseed as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.  He will be responsible for Accounting and Financial Reporting, Corporate Planning and Budgeting, Cash Management, Asset Management, Credit and Collections, Tax, and Accounts Receivables and Payables.  Dennis will be working with each of these departments to ensure  all strategies and plans are aligned with the overall company goals as we continue to grow.  

Dennis brings a wealth of experience in the financial arena and also has both upstream and downstream experience.  He has been the CFO of a national mechanical contractor and most recently the CFO of an international seismic company’s western hemisphere business unit. 

For more information anout Total Safety or any of our industrial safety services and equipment, give us a call at 888.44.TOTAL. 

Total Safety – The Best Minds in the Business!