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Tag Archives: Narrowbanding

Are You Ready for Narrowbanding?

The FCC will require narrowbanding for all industrial land mobile communications systems.On January 1, 2013, all public safety and business industrial land mobile radio systems operating in the VHF 150-170 MHz and UHF 431-512 MHz spectrum bands will be required to operate at 12.5 kHz or meet a 12.5 kHz efficiency standard. Those who do not comply will be in violation of the FCC and subject to admonishment, monetary fines or loss of license. For more information

Total Safety and its Communications Division, H2WR, are currently scheduling complimentary FCC Narrowbanding Assessments.

During our assessment, we will help your organization:

  • Identify radios that are capable of operating in 12.5 kHz and what equipment, if any, will need to be replaced
  • Determine potential system design opportunities and challenges, as coverage may diminish after analog narrowbanding
  • Develop operational and budget-friendly plans to replace non 12.5 kHz capable equipment
  • Establish a conversion and implementation schedule
  • Coordinate conversion with neighboring agencies to facilitate continued interoperability, if needed
  • Conduct tests during conversion to ensure continuous system coverage

Call us today to schedule your assessment at 713.681.2525 or email

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