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NOW AVAILABLE! IR Smart Scan Solution

Protect your workforce with early detection of COVID-19

According to the CDC, an elevated body temperature is the first sign of illness.  It can take up to five days after exposure to COVID-19 for a person to display symptoms.  In that amount of time, there is a heightened risk of exposure to other workers the person has contact with and potential contamination to the facility. Evaluating the body temperature of all who enter your worksite could be the key to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and protecting your most valuable asset, your employees.

At Total Safety, our mission is to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Worker Worldwide, and we have developed a range of services to help manage the COVID-19 pandemic, including Thermal Radiometry/ Thermal Imaging based Smart Scanning Technologies.

Total Safety now offers IR Smart Scan Technology

Total Safety IR Smart Scan Solution combine body temperature measuring technology with our professional technicians.  Our thermal imaging technology allows for a single person to efficiently and accurately monitor large groups of people entering your facility. Since the thermal imaging Smart Scanning technology reads body temperature in real-time as they walk by in an organized manner, this allows workers, with normal temperatures, to enter the facility quickly reducing wait times.

Thermal Imaging Smart Scanning reduces the risk of unnecessary person-to-person contact by managing social distancing while workers advance through the scanning process. If the scanning technology indicates that a worker l has elevated body temperature, a Total Safety Scanning Technician will manage the individual in a respectful and safe manner and in accordance with client protocols. If desired, Total Safety Screening Technician will administer a full COVID-19 evaluation procedure to confirm the individual’s elevated body temperature that follows best practices from the CDC, WHO, and our Medical Director. If needed, we can provide additional medical services and recommendations for further care based on results.

Why Total Safety

Total Safety can provide a level of expertise other service providers cannot match. We have over 15 years of experience with Thermal Radiometry/Thermal Imaging technology and equipment. Our trained professional staff will install and set up all equipment to make the process simple. Additionally, Total Safety IR Smart Scanning Services has the backing of our Medical Management Division and Medical Director. This provides clients with a high-level of medical oversight, and assurance not seen from competitors. Our Medical Management Division will be directly involved with the service offering giving high-level support if elevated body temperatures (EBT) are identified. Total Safety’s combined Smart Scanning Services and Medical Management Solutions are a powerful blending of expertise to combat the potential of COVID19 entering client locations. This support model is second to none and will give peace of mind for employers and employees alike.  In addition to turnkey Thermal Imaging Smart Scanning Services, we offer products to protect workers with push-to-talk communication equipment, atmospheric monitoring, breathing air systems, fire protection systems, and much more.

Connect with our safety experts today to learn more about solutions that fit your business.

Clint Palermo | Phone: 281.812.5936 |

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